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F# minor NAF

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This is a 6 hole flute. The sound is quite airy.
Noah Aikens
09/01/16 10:35:31PM @noah-aikens:

The True Sound Hole is much too big. It needs to be at or under a 1/4 in. We may be able to fix it yet. All this playing with it is starting to throw it out of tune!

08/31/16 10:25:30PM @monica:

Awesome Noah. Sometimes my flutes sound a bit airy . As Patty mentioned about the air flow, try moving the fetish, and tightening the leather tie.. you should be able to get a clear sound.

Noah Aikens
08/31/16 09:47:13PM @noah-aikens:

Yes that was one thing we thought about and looking at it that is part of the problem. The flute is also very thin so the cutting edge isn't at the sharpest angle therefore not splitting enough air away from the flute.

Terry Wilson
08/31/16 06:31:20PM @terry-wilson:

Good job there Noah.

Patty from Virginia
08/31/16 06:26:53PM @patty-from-virginia:

Maybe the channel the air flows through from air chamber to the sound chamber is a bit too deep?