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Just beginning to learn Noter/Drone style playing on the dulcimer. This an Ed Thomas replica made by John Knopf.
Dusty Turtle
02/23/21 01:01:50PM @dusty:

Nice playing, PapaSims.  I was just working on this tune myself this morning.  Gotta love them old murder ballads.

Robin Thompson
02/03/18 10:36:30PM @robin-thompson:

Nicely played, PapaSims!  Enjoy that Uncle Ed replica! 

John C. Knopf
02/03/18 05:59:24PM @john-c-knopf:

I like that!

02/03/18 02:30:07PM @strumelia:

Very nice smooth noter/strum technique there, PapaSims.

You and that Thomas replica make a great pair!

02/03/18 01:45:26PM @papasims:

Just received this little jewel on Thursday.  What a joy to play.  The video was made with my iPad so sound is not the best and my n/d playing is developing.  Thanks to John for the craftsmanship and making a fine instrument.  Still jealous of those who have clubs and teachers nearby to play with.