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Gymnopedie #1

Artist: Ron Zuckerman
Genre: Classical
Duration: 00:03:11

Erik Satie's most famous composition arranged for 3 fingerpicked mountain dulcimers (2 standard, 1 baritone). The standard dulcimer are tuned to DAD, and the baritone is tuned to ADG

04/04/19 06:17:35AM @ariane:

Wonderfully played and sooo relaxing!

Ron Zuckerman
04/03/19 07:55:50PM @ron-zuckerman:

Thanks, @Elvensong

04/03/19 02:01:01PM @elvensong:

My wife came running when she heard this. It's one of her favorites. Nicely done Ron!


Ron Zuckerman
03/31/19 10:16:35AM @ron-zuckerman:

@Dusty-Turtle The arrangement wasn't that difficult. I found the piano music online, analyzed the chords, and I found that it was playable on a DAD dulcimer. The right-hand part is a fairly simple melody that is predominately single notes. Only toward the end of each repeat does the right-hand play chords. The left-hand part is just an alternation between a bass note and, usually, a 3-note chord. I assigned the left-hand chords to the 2nd dulcimer. I transposed the bass note up an octave and assigned it to the baritone. I chose the tuning based on the predominant bass notes since I wanted those to ring. I also needed the baritone to be able to play chords toward the end of each repeat, so I couldn't chose anything too weird for the tuning.

Dusty Turtle
03/31/19 02:08:46AM @dusty-turtle:

Very interesting.  That must have been very challenging to put together, Ron.  The music sounds much more coherent than the description of Satie's music and philosophy in the article you point us to.  I find it quite relaxing, at least in your rendition.

I do wonder, though, if we aren't all the sole congregant in our own, individual churches.

Robin Thompson
03/30/19 06:48:47PM @robin-thompson:

@Ron-Zuckerman Wow!  Eccentric would be an understatement.  

Ron Zuckerman
03/30/19 05:39:44PM @ron-zuckerman:

Thanks, @Robin-Thompson . Erik Satie was a classical composer from the mid 19th century through early 20th. His music is quite unusual for its time frame. He was also quite a strange character. I just read an interesting article on him:

Robin Thompson
03/30/19 04:32:28PM @robin-thompson:

Really nice ambient piece, Ron.  I've not heard of Erik Satie before so thank you for the introduction! 

Steven Berger
03/30/19 03:41:40PM @steven-berger:

Very relaxing, Ron!