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Location: Kingston, Michigan (in the Thumb)
Country: US

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01/10/16 08:43:12AM @pine:

Thanks Bill...I really like the Merlin. It's more comfy to play than strumsticks. Like you, I've been away for quite awhile. Time to get my MD back out and let her do some singin'!

Kendra Ward
04/26/10 05:52:59PM @kendra-ward:
Hi Bill,Thanks for asking about the Coshocton dulcimer festival. As usual I am scrambling around at the last minute putting the workshops together! :-) LOL!I have been seriously working on the workshop schedule and I hope to have something posted in the near future. Most teachers have already given me their workshop descriptions, I just have to figure out how to plug them all in the grid!I will try to post something to let you know when they are up, but you can still keep checking back with the festival website.Thanks again,Kendra
Mary Jane Cookingham
04/25/10 08:11:50AM @mary-jane-cookingham:
Hi, Bill - Coshocton looks interesting, but why, oh why, do festival schedules overlap? This one collides with the start of Kentucky Music Week. I'll report on KMW if you'll report on Coshocton? Mary Jane
Mary Jane Cookingham
04/25/10 04:43:52AM @mary-jane-cookingham:
Bill - Thought you might be interested in a festival that's new this year, held at the Folkcraft factory in Woodburn, Indiana, May 17-18 (yes, Sat & Sun). Lois Hornbostel, Bing Futch, and Stephen Seifert are the instructors. Space is limited/register soon if you're interested. Here's the url: I'm going - couldn't pass up the rare opportunity of these folks in the upper midwest - even though it's the same weekend as Evart. Maybe see you there? Mary Jane
Mary Jane Cookingham
04/02/10 06:46:33AM @mary-jane-cookingham:
Bill - Finger-picking is so lovely, and strummers can sometimes sound so infernally "bum-ditty-ish" (me). Are there more strummers than finger-pickers? Picking seems more difficult to me. I hope to someday find my middle string and become a flat-picker, although I'm aware that when fingers are in contact with the strings, instead of a pick, the middle string really doesn't "get lost". Regardless of style, you're so right: Michigan just needs more players and more playing opportunities! Mary Jane
Mary Jane Cookingham
04/01/10 07:14:23AM @mary-jane-cookingham:
Bill - Thanks, I agree. Now that we've 'bonded', I need to break the news that I'm a strummer, not a finger-picker...gasp. Hope we can be friends in spite of my shortcomings - Mary Jane
Mary Jane Cookingham
04/01/10 07:09:01AM @mary-jane-cookingham:
Bill - Last night I went to a benefit for the East Lansing Art Festival and had a chance to talk to Wanda. There isn't, yet, a lot of additional information, but I do know that the Unitarian Universalist Church on Grove Street in East Lansing (where Ten Pound Fiddle often has performances) will be the location for the festival We talked about having a dedicated jam room for people who are between classes, as well as for after class/before the evening concert. When more info is available it will probably be on the Fiddle's website: http://www.tenpoundfiddle.orgI'm sure we'll know more soon - Mary Jane
Mary Jane Cookingham
03/31/10 08:01:45AM @mary-jane-cookingham:
Bill - I know it's hard to find MI players, there are so few of us (or, maybe, they're just hiding?). Any players you know in Indiana or Ohio might also be interested. I'm hoping that having Maddie MacNeil will bring in people from even several hours away. If you talk it up maybe someone you know will decide to learn the dulcimer and go to the festival. (ever hopeful) At least we'll be there! Mary Jane
Mary Jane Cookingham
03/30/10 06:25:03AM @mary-jane-cookingham:
Bill - I just got this from Wanda Degen and wanted to pass it on to you: She and Doug Berch are helping Sally Potter (Ten Pound Fiddle) put on the first annual East Lansing Dulcimer Festival. This year it will be October 23 and they're bringing in Maddy MacNeil. A Michigan mountain dulcimer amazing is that! Please pass on the news/thanks - Mary Jane
Mary Jane Cookingham
03/23/10 03:09:19AM @mary-jane-cookingham:
Bill - Great, we'll be looking for you! Mary Jane
Mary Jane Cookingham
03/22/10 07:55:28AM @mary-jane-cookingham:
Bill - I forgot to mention that I hope we rendezvous at Midland this year. Evart in July, too? Several of us get together to jam at any/every opportunity and I'm hoping you'll join us. We jam at different rigs, but if at mine just look for a "rode hard" Jayco Granite Ridge Class C. I'm sure we'll find each other since I know what you look like from your profile pic. As for my profile pic, I only wish I looked like a Blue Lion. Hope to see you this summer - Mary Jane
Mary Jane Cookingham
03/22/10 07:28:13AM @mary-jane-cookingham:
Hi, BIll - Yes, there's a big group in Jackson called Uncle Carl's Dulcimer Club, but it's a hammered dulcimer club with a few other chromatic instruments. It's a great group and I jammed with them for a while but I was usually the only MD player and, too, I couldn't hear myself play (maybe a good thing). Then I discovered the Wannabee Dulcimer Players, a small all-mountain dulcimer group. They used to meet in Pinckney, but moved to Gregory a couple of years ago, which was good for me because it's a bit closer. Hope you find someone to jam with! Mary Jane
Mary Jane Cookingham
03/21/10 07:22:07AM @mary-jane-cookingham:
Bill - It's good to see the number of MI group players growing. Welcome - Mary Jane
Rod Westerfield
03/20/10 11:29:53AM @rod-westerfield:
welcome Bill... glad ya joined the family..
John Henry
03/20/10 09:18:02AM @john-henry:
Bill, just seen that you live in Michigan! I was at Evart in the early 1990's for the big hammered dulcimer event, loved it!!!John
Bill Lewis
03/20/10 07:39:41AM @bill-lewis:
Welcome from another Michigander to FOTMD Bill. :)
03/19/10 10:01:24PM @strumelia:
Hi Bill, it's great that you found us- welcome! :)