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Memorial Day

Artist: Ron Zuckerman
Genre: Original Composition
Duration: 00:05:26

This song is based on a poem by Helen Leah Reed (1917). This poem resonated with me because it did not glorify battle but instead paid tribute to soldiers who lost their lives serving this country.

Salt Springs
05/26/20 11:43:01AM @salt-springs:

Good Job Ron!   I spent a quiet day yesterday thinking about the great tragedy and absolute sin of war and violent aggression.  For those of us who have seen such tragedy and have lost friends and family to that evil, "Memorial Day" is something quite different than what usually passes for recognition.  I often think of nurses who were lost, 3 sailors who died in the cold water of the North Atlantic during peacetime, a friend who's fighter jet I witnessed crash and left a few of us to recover what we could of his remains.  I think of two schoolmates who were lost in Vietnam, but I digress.  The list goes on and on.

There is no glory in battle, no joy to be seen just horror and courage and most of all fear which must be overcome or at least set aside.

So yesterday, I played Butterfield's Lullaby and thought about a lot of things, remembered faces and offered a prayer for those who remain in this world.  And, I gave thanks for people like you who remember what a precious gift peace is and call its presence into being.

Robin Thompson
05/25/20 07:36:11PM @robin-thompson:

Your tribute is wonderfully done, Ron.  Thank you for this.