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The Unstrung String Band - 'Barlow Knife'

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Duration: 00:03:02
The Unstrung String Band performing at the Shepherdstown, Opera House. April ...
Cal Sweeten
02/29/16 05:30:31PM @cal-sweeten:

Thanks for sharing.. I'm learning this tune on the MD & Banjo....  Then maybe accompaniment on the HD   :)

Scott Allen
05/14/13 01:02:36PM @scott-allen:

Hey Kevin, thanks! I tried to get my dulcimer playingpartner to come last fall, but she had other commitments. I'll see what I can do this year.

Kevin Messenger
05/13/13 09:24:05PM @kevin-messenger:

Scott , you guys sound great, You need to bring the whole band to Wartz and All this fall.


Patty from Virginia
05/07/13 09:26:50AM @patty-from-virginia:

Scott, that's pretty!113.gif