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Building the Celtic Strum

The strum stick, or stick dulcimer, is the kissing cousin of the mountain dulcimer. I have been thinking of building one for some time. I...
@tukanu started 3 weeks ago - replies: 11
Matt Berg

End Joints

Interesting youtube look at whether or not end joints are the weakest.
@Matt Berg started one week ago - replies: 4

Solid Body Bass Dulcimer

We are back in Covid lock down in Auckland, New Zealand and building the above gave me a project to tackle. Built from a kauri floor joist,...
@Hobbyhorse started 2 weeks ago - replies: 5

Music stand ..... a dulcimer accessory

I built the top section as a desk mounted music stand some months ago and with the lock down time on my hands, I finally got around to making a...
@Hobbyhorse started last year - replies: 12

String Gauge and Intonation

Hello all. Am I correct in assuming that the reason for compensating bridges is due to the thickness of the strings? Should I compensate the bridge...
@NateBuildsToys started 2 weeks ago - replies: 2

Sympathetic Strings

What do the wise and knowledgeable luthiers of FOTMD think about sympathetic strings? I learned that several of the instruments closely related to...
@NateBuildsToys started last year - replies: 33

Fret Placement on Chromatic Dulcimer?

Hello all! It has been tons of fun building and learning to play diatonic dulcimers, but part of me feels that it would be useful to try to learn...
@NateBuildsToys started last year - replies: 12

Protecting the interior of a dulcimer

Hello all I was just wondering if it is common for builders to apply any kind of protectant to the interior of their instrument before gluing it...
@NateBuildsToys started 11 months ago - replies: 6
Bob Stephens

3D Printing Dulcimers

The following is the latest blog posting from my website for anyone interested in 3D Printing a dulcimer.  It can be done and the...
@Bob Stephens started one month ago - replies: 11
dad roadie

Bridge location question new member

Hi to all, I’m new to the forum and was hoping someone may be able to assist me in restoring a very old “courting dulcimer” for a friend. I...
@dad roadie started 2 months ago - replies: 9

Just Finished No. 1

Hello friends!  I just finished my first mountain dulcimer, made completely from scratch. I used a remnant of a curly maple gunstock blank (one...
@glp1958 started 2 months ago - replies: 11
Slate Creek Dulcimers

Building the Virginia Hogfiddle Kit Videos

I don't make the Kits anymore but I wanted to share the Videos I made for the customers who bought the Kits. These are long, drawn out, boring...
@Slate Creek Dulcimers started 2 months ago - replies: 3

Building Dulcimers Cheap

Hey all, when I first started building dulcimers it was a very inexpensive process. Tied on fishing line frets, eyehole screws for tuners, anything...
@NateBuildsToys started 2 months ago - replies: 3

Bridge Placement for Proper Intonation

Hello, this is always something I've had to relearn on every single dulcimer I build, through trial and error. I'd love for it to be put in...
@NateBuildsToys started 2 months ago - replies: 2
Don Smith

Question on sound differences

Its me again with another question made the mistake of showing my wife photos of different dulcimer body styles and she likes the hour drop shape...
@Don Smith started 2 months ago - replies: 8
Don Smith

Ok I have more Questions about better brands of dulcimers

What are some of the better brands of Dulcimer's to look at I found a apple creek in phoenix but after reading the warning on this site about some...
@Don Smith started 3 months ago - replies: 22
Don Smith

Need Some Input

I have started my build of a Dulcimer for my wife I have all the wood cut except for the fret board, I have ripped all my pieces of wood to 1/8...
@Don Smith started 2 months ago - replies: 6
Bill Robison

fret installation on older just intonation dulcimer

Hello builders.    I am getting ready to build a copy of the old noter style dulcimer with frets only under melody string. It will be Just...
@Bill Robison started 2 months ago - replies: 5
Don Smith

question on sound holes

I m going to be building a hour glass shaped dulcimer for my wife even though i purchase one for her to get started learning on. i have plans...
@Don Smith started 2 months ago - replies: 6

Hindman Luthiery school giving people a second chance

An uplifting story, includes dulcimers:...
@Strumelia started 11 months ago - replies: 4
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