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Ballad Gal

modal tuning for John Jacob Niles ballad

I finally found a tuning that works for Lass From The Low Countree, which is Aeolian in the key of C  (CGBb). Just curious--does anyone else play...
@Ballad Gal started 2 days ago - replies: 1
Richard Streib

Festivals for noter drone style playing

Anyone know of a festival that features mostly or all noter drone style playing?
@Richard Streib started 8 years ago - replies: 57

Where can I buy a quill?

My lovely dulcimer came with two large fender picks. They work well, but i've been wanting to try playing with a quill. Most birds around here, as...
@hoodoo started 2 weeks ago - replies: 7
Ken Hulme

Berea Traditional Dulcimer Gathering

You've read about our adventures in the posts here called Hindman in Exile  and Making Lemonade In the Southern Highlands.   We had so much fun...
@Ken Hulme started 10 months ago - replies: 14
Robin Thompson

a film in which Buna Hicks plays dulcimer & sings

Thanks to Dulcimerville (Lois) on Facebook for posting this video! (Sorry I can't get the video...
@Robin Thompson started 8 years ago - replies: 8
Flint Hill

The False Nut Upon the Road

I've been fiddling with false nuts, reverse capos, or whatever you call them. Details follow the picture below. This one has a pair of notches...
@Flint Hill started 9 years ago - replies: 14

Strumelia's Noter Drone beginner's Blog -free tabs, videos

If you're just starting out and want to play in traditional noter style (playing the melody on the melody string only using a little stick, with...
@Strumelia started 3 weeks ago - replies: 0

Best dulcimer for drone and noter playing?

Does anyone have any recommendations for features that a dulcimer should have to make it good for drone and noter playing? String length? Body...
@Greg started 4 weeks ago - replies: 6

Best resources to learn noter/drone

Hi, So I finally went ahead and ordered my first dulcimer. I'm very excited! (For those who are curious, I chose this model, please don't tell me...
@hoodoo started one month ago - replies: 14

Ken Hulme's "Get Noterized!" article

Member @ken-hulme wrote this helpful article about noter playing questions years ago. People find it pretty helpful.
@Strumelia started one month ago - replies: 2
Robin Clark

How to Improve the Sound or your Drones

Sometimes playing noter drone can sound a little 'clunky' or 'off'' – and the most likely cause is that you don't have your drones working at...
@Robin Clark started 3 months ago - replies: 10
Robin Thompson

keeping both wrists loose

I've long realized the importance of keeping my right wrist relaxed for strumming.  Lately, though, I've begun to pay attention to relaxing my left...
@Robin Thompson started 2 months ago - replies: 3
Jim Soltis

hand turned noters

A couple of years ago, I came across a site selling really beautiful hand-turned noters and bought one.  I'd like to give some out for Christmas...
@Jim Soltis started 3 months ago - replies: 12

just vs. equal temperament

I haven't tried to analyze in my head too much, but if a dulcimer is in just temperament would it only work well with the melody strings tuned to...
@tssfulk started 5 months ago - replies: 21

Finding Harmonies- in a different mode, or in same mode?

Glenda Hubbard wrote this great question: thing I really wanted was to learn how to play harmony or modes. In her Blog Lisa if I...
@Strumelia started 3 months ago - replies: 28
Randy Adams

Obama's March To the White House

@Randy Adams started 2 years ago - replies: 19
Robin Thompson

Using a collar stay as a plectrum

Lately, I've been using a collar stay some for strumming.  It's a light and fast plectrum.  Anybody else using a collar stay with which to strum?  
@Robin Thompson started 3 months ago - replies: 4
Molly McCurdy

How to play dulcimer with a turkey feather

Does anybody know the correct way to use a turkey feather for playing the mountain dulcimer? I’ve heard that the feather has to be prepared a...
@Molly McCurdy started 5 months ago - replies: 2
Don Grundy

Additional frets playing traditionally?

Do players add 1.5, 6.5, 8.5 or 13.5 frets when playing in traditional drone style:DAAA?
@Don Grundy started 5 months ago - replies: 12
Richard Streib

Which builder for a brighter more traditional voice?

Does anyone recommend a particular builder for a custom instrument to be played only noter drone with the aim for a bit brighter voice than so...
@Richard Streib started 2 years ago - replies: 5
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