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Bozrah chronicles Isaiah's vision of a mysterious figure emerging from Edom, clad in blood-red garments.Words are by Charles Wesley. The tune is traditional, appearing, along with the first two stanzas, as #39 in Walker's Southern Harmony.It's Aeolian heptatonic as sung here, which is a Baptist way of singing it. It's sung Dorian in the Sacred Harp tradition. As a kid, I'm pretty sure I heard Methodists sing these words to a completely different tune.Variants of the words and tune appear in numerous hymnals. I can post notes if anyone's interested.There's even a Rastafarian song, Bozrah or Buzrock which has the same name and theme, though it's otherwise unrelated.All this is a way of saying that Bozrah has made the rounds.Played on a Ben Seymour Galax dulcimer tuned ddcc (D4 D4C3 C3) with the outermost drone reverse-capoed at the fourth fret to raise it to an A.
04/20/18 11:47:09PM @irene:

A week ago a BIG BAD STORM came through Nauvoo and fried our monitor and I couldn't get on line.  The first site I went to was FOTMD.  Then tonight, this song.  WOW, this is really wonderful and no need to go faster....I'm going to listen many more times and see if I can get this one sung.  I'll look in my Sacred Harp music to see if I can find this one too.  Thank you so much for posting this.  aloha, irene

04/20/18 10:01:30PM @strumelia:

This is such a balm for my soul.

Will you ever post more for us?  You are missed, friend!

Jennifer Wren
03/29/14 12:48:14AM @jennifer-wren:

I love this song. It sounds great. I'm gonna have to step up my pickin' skills.

Flint Hill
06/05/10 10:53:31AM @flint-hill:

Thanks so much, Lisa and Robin. This helps more than you know. Robin, I am indeed tensing up my left arm too much when I'm trying to play fast pieces. I made the switch from guitar to dulcimer last year and the finger-picking came over pretty quickly. I know I've just got to build up "muscle memory" (or more accurately, brain real estate) for the left biceps and triceps. Just practice and practice, that's the solution.

Robin Clark
06/05/10 06:20:05AM @robin-clark:
Ken,You play and sing wonderfully. I would love to sit and hear you playing live. If you every come to Wales look me up!As far as fast playing goes, well, your left hand can only go as fast as your right - so I let my right hand take the lead and try to really relaxed my left arm as much as possible so it can simply follow the lead of the right hand rhythm. If I focuss on my noter and let that take the lead then I find that fast passeges become too tense and go horribly wrong!
06/04/10 10:19:15PM @strumelia:
Hmmm...if I had to be in a 'musical stuck state' somewhere- I'd want to be stuck right there in the same state you are! lol! And why would you need to speed your left hand up- seems to be doing just fine the way it is!Seriously Ken, I can't imagine ever wanting or hoping to play and sing any more wonderfully than you do.
Flint Hill
06/04/10 09:55:57PM @flint-hill:
Thanks, John Henry and Rod. I'm at one of those musical stuck states lately -- can't get my left hand speed up --and the encouragement is much appreciated. Bozrah is a great old song.
Rod Westerfield
06/04/10 04:29:12PM @rod-westerfield:
yep Ken once again well done.. great job...looking forward to your next Smile.gif
John Henry
06/04/10 03:15:06PM @john-henry:
Thank you for that Ken, your standard always exceeds my expectations, how do you keep on doing it?John
Flint Hill
06/04/10 02:19:08PM @flint-hill:
Thanks, Robin and Bobby. It's a spooky old song.Here are the lyrics, published jointly by John and Charles Wesley as Hymn XVII. Charles is believed to have written it. The spelling is archaic.Who is this, that comes from farClad in garments dipt in blood!Strong triumphant traveller,Is he man, or is he God?I that speak in righteousness,Son of God and man I am,Mighty to redeem your race;Jesus is your Saviours name.Wherefore are thy garments red,Died as in a crimson sea?They that in the wine-vat treadAre not staind so much as thee.I the Fathers favrite Son,Have the dreadful wine-press trod,Borne the vengeful wrath alone,All the fiercest wrath of God.
Robin Thompson
06/04/10 01:30:02PM @robin-thompson:
Ken,Is it okay if I borrow your phrasing and say this is the "real deal"? Smile.gif Well-sung and well-played. I like the mournful feel of it.