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Wayfaring Stranger - baritone MD

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Duration: 00:04:48
Here is my first solo public performance using slide on the baritone MD - voice still recovering from flu and I fluffed the words (hence the fade edit in middle). Shucks.
John Keane
07/01/12 03:50:11PM @john-keane:

CB, Foggers brought it to my attention...and I'm REAL glad! Grin.gif

John Keane
07/01/12 02:02:29PM @john-keane:


03/12/11 05:00:50AM @foggers:

Hello Tara, thanks for the compliment! The MD is a baritone tune AEa; it is indeed a 5 stringed one, given that both the melody and middles strings are double. We built it that way to give a fuller sound, as I wanted it mainly for accompanying singing.

On this clip the slide I am using is a glass one. When the MD was in its final build stages (my OH built it) I was testing the height of the action and quite randonly had a glass guitar slide to hand, and by experimenting found that it did indeed work just as well as on any other stringed instrument. You can get a glass slide from any shop that sells guitars- the one I am using is a Dunlop 210; the slide needs to be a good fit on your finger so you can control it. There is no hard and fast rule about which finger to use, butfor lapstyle playing,either of the middle 2 is a good idea, as you need to gently damp thestrings to the left of the slide with a finger, sothat the tone from that side of the strings does not ring out.

I have since had some advice from slide guitar player and have changed to a quite heavy brass slide as the heavier slide gives a longer sustain to the notes. I had tried a cheap brass slide before and did not like the "tinny" sound I got; but my helpful advisor explained that it needs to have thick walls and be quite heavy,which does make it a bit more expensive.

The other thing to be aware of is that the "action" (i.e. the height of strings above the fretboard) needs to be higher than usual on the instrument, otherwise the slide rattles all over the fret wires. And when using a slide you don't press all the way down as with a noter or your fingers. The slide just needs to rest over the fret wire in a straight line.

It is great fun and I spend a lot of time noodling around to see what I can do with it.

02/14/11 05:06:13PM @foggers:
9.gif Aw shucks thanks< Sue and Scott
Sue Simms
02/09/11 08:52:05PM @sue-simms:
This is great Jane!Smile.gif
Flint Hill
05/16/10 10:04:16AM @flint-hill:
Hi Jane,Would you consider adding this to the "Call the Tune" thread for Wayfaring Stranger. Yours is a really strong version that I come back to again and again.Here's a link to the thread:
01/04/10 08:21:05PM @foggers:
Thank you very much Shas.
Guy Babusek
12/13/09 10:52:01AM @guy-babusek:
That was superb!
11/25/09 09:30:41PM @foggers:
Thanks for taking time to drop by and comment friendsJerry - it is tuned AEA and yes I used a glass slide. My OH made this baritone to my requirements specifically because my vocal range sits around the key of A (and Am for blues!). I experimented with the slide and loved the sound. We are working on some other blues numbers now.Julie - thanks. I think what I wrote below the video was a bit misleading. This was the first time I have played this particular dulcimer solo in public - I do other solo performances with other my other instruments already and I have also played this MD in a trio I am part of.
Randy S. Bretz
11/22/09 05:07:50PM @randy-s-bretz:
Hey Jane, here`s what I`m sending you on Monday. Black Locust wood handled bone tipped noter.

Randy S. Bretz
11/21/09 12:29:19PM @randy-s-bretz:
Hey Jane, I will be sending your noter out on Monday. Sorry for the delay, been down all week with a very bad cold. Got behind on my orders, but yours will be on the way shortly.....Thanks again....R.S.Bretz
11/16/09 03:05:38PM @foggers:
Thanks friends
Flint Hill
11/15/09 08:24:29AM @flint-hill:
This is shivery stuff, Jane. The hard picks, slide and your strong voice give this this song such power!
11/12/09 08:17:40PM @foggers:
:) Thanks so much for your comments Lisa! It has just seemed quite natural to play the baritone with picks in order to enhance the finger picking, as the strings are quite heavy gauge.
11/12/09 08:04:56PM @strumelia:
Jane you have such a lovely and powerful voice....well done!Nice sliding. I like your fingerpicking technique as well. I once attended a workshop given by Peggy Seeger in which she taught a very similar picking method for accompanying sung ballads on the banjo.You even got your audience singing along- always a good sign. ;)