Does anyone think this is an Edd Presnell dulcimer?

John C. Knopf
6 months ago
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'Twould seem to me that if it IS a real Presnell dulcimer, it would not be anonymous, but have a label inside it to identify things.  The Presnells usually marked their products, didn't they?  And one might check with The Pisgah Inn on the Blue Ridge Parkway near Brevard, NC.  They're still in business, and have a craft/gift shop as well.

Ken Hulme
6 months ago
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I do agree with the note where it says "wormy chestnut".  

Kevin Messenger
6 months ago
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I would say not Edd, but, could be another Presnell. Dan ask his grand daughter on FB  she worked with him she may have some insight.


John C. Knopf
6 months ago
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Looks to be in the style of Gatlinburg's Bill Davis or Townsend's Mike Clemmer.  Maybe Baxter Presnell made one like this?

Or another Presnell altogether.  There's lots of them in that part of North Carolina.  Also lots of Hicks', Harmons, Glenns, etc.

6 months ago
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The design is very close to the Tennessee models. (Bill Davis for one) Looks close to a Milford Blevins piece? And there were more than one Presnell making instruments. I will double check the pieces we have in the morning.

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Rob N Lackey
6 months ago
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I don't believe it is.  Never saw one of his like that.  If there's no label, I'd say it's not a Presnell, at least not an Edd Presnell.

Estes George
6 months ago
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That is the question, being told they think it's an Edd Presnell, but from what I've been seeing, Presnell dulcimers look to be hour glass shape, this is that fiddleside type.

 To me it looks much more like a Bill Davis, but it doesn't have the edge that sticks out over the side, (Can't recall what that's called), like Davis's others, also there is no signature inside or engraved on the back like his others.

 The only thing they are basing the Presnell call on it, is a business card they found with it, see photos.

 Any opinion?? 

 Thanks folks!!

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