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"Christmas Time Will Soon Be Over" on dulcimer

musician/member name: Music
Duration: 00:02:03
A seasonal fiddle tune from Fiddling John Carson on Appalachian dulcimer. A-A-A tuning. Download the tab for free at through the end of 2015.
01/14/16 09:20:11PM @strumelia:

How did I miss this?

Wonderful.   Your joy in music is infectious- thank you!

('s now Jan 14...guess it's time to take down my Christmas decorations...)  blush

Mark Nelson
12/17/15 02:46:12PM @mark-nelson:

Ken Backer:

Are you familiar with the old Appalachian tradition called "quitting Christmas?"

I'm guessing you are referring to the tradition of house parties & music between Dec 25th and Old Christmas, yes? Sadly, I only know it second hand, though. If you have any personal stories to share, I'd love to hear 'em.

I've played "Breaking Up Christmas" -- same idea, different name -- for years. In fact, I may get a vid up soon if I have the time. 

Ken Backer
12/17/15 01:32:30PM @ken-backer:

That was some nice ol' time dulcimer playing, Mark.  Are you familiar with the old Appalachian tradition called "quitting Christmas?"

Helen Seiler
12/13/15 04:44:05PM @helen-seiler:

Wow Mark! Thats some might fine and fast noter work...brilliant!... and then to sing while playing so fast and well.......that blew my mind! pimento pimento