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Location: Cowichan Bay Vancouver Island BC
Country: CA

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Ken Backer

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Karel Votanek
11/04/15 02:59:02AM @karel-votanek:

Hi Ken.
thank you very much for your nice comment.
I've seen your video on YouTube, you play beautifully.

Gordon Hardy
09/23/15 10:06:49PM @gordon-hardy:

Hello Ken, about The Leaving of Liverpool (thanks for listening, by the way) here's what wikipedia says:

" (The) Leaving of Liverpool ", ( Roud 9435), also known as " Fare Thee Well, My Own True Love ", is a folksong . Folklorists classify it as a lyric lament, and it was also used as a sea shanty , especially at the capstan. It is very well known in Britain, Ireland, and America, despite the fact that it was collected only twice, from the Americans Richard Maitland and Captain Patrick Tayluer. It was collected from both singers by William Main Doerflinger, an American folksong collector particularly associated with sea songs, in New York. [1]

The song's narrator laments his long sailing trip to California and the thought of leaving his loved ones (especially his "own true love"). He pledges to return to her one day.

The Leaving of Liverpool has been recorded by many popular folk singers and groups since the 1950s. The Clancy Brothers and Tommy Makem had a top 10 hit with the song in Ireland in 1964. [2] [3] The song has also been adapted by several artists, most notably Bob Dylan .

I like the version done by the Clancy brothers. On another note, my mother in law's family name is Backer. Her grandparents were ethnic Germans living in Poland and they emigrated to Chicago where her father was born. He (Jacob Backer) in turn homesteaded in Southern Saskatchewan near Swift Current, was "dusted out" in the 1930's and resettled here in the Peace River country of Northern Alberta. Folks did a lot of traveling even in those days. Regards, Gordon.


Gordon Hardy
09/08/15 06:28:14PM @gordon-hardy:

Hello Ken, re Old Joe Clark, thanks for listening. Not one of my best, tough one to sing to, but I have a heck of a time just playing without singing. Just me I guess. Singing's my first love and the dulcimer is the beautifully simple accompaniment.


Dusty Turtle
08/27/15 05:24:16PM @dusty:

I like your new avatar photo, Ken. Cool hats rule!

07/02/15 02:11:14AM @tumbleweed:

Hi Ken:

I just got here and boy is it different. 

Jim Fawcett
06/15/15 05:55:13PM @jim-fawcett:

Good to see that made it here, Ken. Hope yoiu like our new home.

Karel Votanek
05/18/15 02:48:24PM @karel-votanek:

Hello Ken,

thank You very much for Your nice comment.

Karel Smile.gif

Anne Bowman
04/09/15 06:15:13AM @anne-bowman:

Hey Ken,

This is one of our many types of possum, although this is an endangered one. White Australia has been particularly at wiping out our wildlife and has the highest extinction rate in any developed country. This is a baby Leadbeater's Possum, and an illustration that I did for a book on endangered species that I also wrote. I'll admit it's more aesthetically pleasing than its American cousins.... 86_members.jpg?width=530

Anne Bowman
04/07/15 07:04:09PM @anne-bowman:

Well, if you google Australian ringtail possums and brushtail possums, you'll see the sort I mean ... maybe ours are more polite. Their pouches are certainly more advanced ...

Jim Fawcett
04/01/15 10:47:57AM @jim-fawcett:

Always glad to help out, Ken...Hope I wasn't too

Jim Fawcett
04/01/15 09:33:59AM @jim-fawcett:

I can help ya out, Ken. Hope you can read this alright. 85_members.jpg?width=530

John W. McKinstry
03/18/15 06:51:27AM @john-w-mckinstry:

Hi Ken, Thanks for your comments. Your singing with the dulcimer is enjoyable and it

always gets me to want to do the same. My wife and I both enjoyed "Beneath the Willows"

Smile.gif John McKinstry

Karel Votanek
02/02/15 03:49:19PM @karel-votanek:

Hello Ken,

thank you very much for your nice comment.

Karel Smile.gif

Cindy Stammich
10/27/14 10:28:05PM @cindy-stammich:
Ken - that's great that you do get to Virginia and a trip thru KY and WV would be awesome! I hope you are able to take time to explore and find some music in those hills!!!! Sounds like an awesome trip!
Cindy Stammich
10/26/14 10:18:13PM @cindy-stammich:

Ken, well, it would be nice if you could get something going in your part of the world...

You just never know.....

And your trip next summer sounds WONDERFUL!!!

That would certainly be a great experience!!! I hope it all works out for youSmile.gif

I will be looking for updates in the future!

Cindy Stammich
10/25/14 11:29:09PM @cindy-stammich:
Ken, I see you are a lone wolf in Canada - but I am glad you are here. It's not like actually being with a group of people, but still connected!
Dana R. McCall
10/10/14 06:16:11PM @dana-r-mccall:

LOL Ken I am a collector don't know how much of an expert I am but i'll try and answer anything I can.

Patty from Virginia
07/23/14 10:02:26PM @patty-from-virginia:

Next time you are in town let me know. There is a dulcimer group that gets together to play.

Karel Votanek
01/07/14 06:00:54AM @karel-votanek:

Hello Ken,

thank you very much for your nice Comment

Karel Votanek Smile.gif

B. Ross Ashley
11/28/13 06:59:19PM @b-ross-ashley:

Welcome to North of the Lakes, Ken! Milton is quite close to TO, of course ... a TTC bus ride away. Grin.gif