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Spring Dance - A Dulcimer Tune

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Duration: 00:01:40
I just bought this dulcimer last week and know almost nothing about it, but after fiddling with it for a bit, I was inspired to create this little tune. Not ...
Jan Potts
11/03/21 10:27:51PM @jan-potts:

Leny-Sue: I believe this model has been discontinued.  But if anyone is looking for a Schnaufer model McSpadden, feel free to contact me.  I'm starting to sell part of my collection.

11/03/21 01:49:33PM @leny-sue:

I'm curious about and unfamiliar with the McSpadden Schnaufer model. Is it a new design for McSpadden? 

Kat Vallish
10/31/21 02:13:24PM @kat-vallish:

Would love to get together with you and play when I am in your area or if you ever make it up to Anchorage.  

Kat - 678-468-7561

Patty from Virginia
04/03/13 03:47:54PM @patty-from-virginia:

That is a pretty tune!!! I like the two camera perspective tooSmile.gif

Karen Keane
04/03/13 07:08:59AM @karen-keane:
Great tune Alaska. You have some nice chording going on there.
Dusty Turtle
04/02/13 11:45:11PM @dusty-turtle:

Nice job, Alaska Pfeiff! As Wayne said, you will notice a lot of headless videos around here.

And I fully understand about the ebony fretboard. Once Iplayed a dulcimer with an ebony fretboard I knew I would never buy one without it. And compared to the fretboard running the full length of the soundboard, I don't think the pickguard will have a deleterious effect on the sound. If you play with a possum board (basically a plank of wood under the dulcimer) or if you tilt the dulcimer up a little bit so the bottom is not flat against your lap, you will get a bit extra volume. I think McSpadden even sells possum boards custom designed for their dulcimers.

For a first attempt at playing, you've done a remarkable job! I expect a quick learning curve, too, so I'll keep my eyes and ears open for your next dulcimer excursion.

John Keane
04/02/13 10:26:36PM @john-keane:

Nice tune! Welcome once again to FOTMD!

Alaska Pfeiff
04/02/13 09:00:56PM @alaska-pfeiff:

Thanks for the feedback folks. Yes, it is a new McSpadden Schnaufer model that I bought in Seattle. I had not planned to buy such an expensive dulcimer, but after playing it, that ebony fretboard just felt sooooo much nicer than the others, and it sounded like it was just a little more refined and articulate than the others I played. I'm not sure about the pickguard--I wondered about this potentially dampening the soundboard a little, but who knows--I may appreciate if I learn to strum more wildly!

Jim Fawcett
04/02/13 08:58:59PM @jim-fawcett:

Nice catchy tune, and the dulcimer sounds pretty nice, too.

Rob N Lackey
04/02/13 07:11:56PM @rob-n-lackey:

Like the sound of that instrument. Really like the tune you've come up with. Keep up the good work

Ken Longfield
04/02/13 11:33:18AM @ken-longfield:
Is that a David Schnaufer model? Did you buy it new or used? Thanks for shring the video.
Alaska Pfeiff
04/02/13 10:29:52AM @alaska-pfeiff:

I really didn't mean to cut off my head, but I couldn't see what the camera was recording...oh well!