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Shall We Gather at the River on Don Mize 1973 dulcimer

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Duration: 00:00:42
Robert Mize 1973 #488 4 string Dulcimer "Shall We Gather at the River". I stumbled upon these 2 Mize dulcimers without knowing of their significance. They have beautiful sound, lovely old wooden tuning pegs, real beauties. I'm not a stellar dulcimer player, but here's just a bit to let you hear the sound.
Brenda Mangan
09/26/17 12:52:08PM @brenda-mangan:


Thank you, Dforrest. Mize dulcimers are very sweet. 

09/26/17 10:15:34AM @dforrest:

Wonderful sweet sound. I have a later Mize dulcimer and love it.

Brenda Mangan
08/29/17 07:08:11PM @brenda-mangan:

Thank you, Rick! My 2 Mize dulcimers are his older ones, 1973, when he was still using what I understand is called "Mountain tuning" or "Kentucky tuning". So you cannot play cords on them; they MUST be played the traditional mountain way of noter/drones. Also, the nut and bridge are notched so that the 4 strings are equally spaced like Jeanie Ritchie's 4 string. (I scooted the one over to play the way I normally do with 2 strings for the melody.) 

Anyway, thanks for your kind words.

Rick Garrett
08/29/17 02:19:03PM @rick-garrett:

This is wonderful!  A Mize dulcimer is on my bucket list. :)

Robin Thompson
08/27/17 05:00:59PM @robin-thompson:

I enjoyed this a lot, Brenda!  Enjoy your Mize treasures. :)

Brenda Mangan
08/27/17 01:45:43PM @brenda-mangan:

Many thanks, Salt Springs!

Salt Springs
08/27/17 01:41:50PM @salt-springs:

Most excellent!

Brenda Mangan
08/27/17 01:33:48PM @brenda-mangan:

Thank you, Sam! I'm a BIG fan of keeping the traditional mountain style of playing alive and well.

08/27/17 07:09:52AM @sam:

A traditional style, strong in the heritage of the mountain dulcimer. I love hearing a dulcimer played as you play. Thank you for sharing. 

08/25/17 12:07:58PM @dforrest:

Enjoyed your playing. I have a Mize dulcimer bought in the 1990's at a shop in Tennessee. It looks almost exactly like yours, but it does not have those beautiful wooden tuning pegs. Also, mine does have the 6.5 fret and "Mize" on the fretboard. I absolutely love the sound of it. It came with a block for hanging it on the wall. It was not expensive, and I had no idea what I was buying at the time.

Brenda Mangan
08/25/17 07:46:47AM @brenda-mangan:

Yes, Peter, two. This one I'm playing here and a 3 string also 1973 with heart sound holes. They are his earlier work, before he started putting his name on the fret board, and both also have the "mountain tuning" peculiar to his earlier dulcimers.

Thank you,


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Peter Corser
08/25/17 06:17:40AM @peter-corser:

You stumbled upon two!!!!!!

Lovely instruments and lovely playing.

Thank you.


Brenda Mangan
08/25/17 12:40:42AM @brenda-mangan:


Yes, beautiful the sound, the dulcimer & the playing. Thanks

Thank you, Marg. 

08/25/17 12:35:56AM @marg:

Yes, beautiful the sound, the dulcimer & the playing. Thanks