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Hill Dance #4

musician/member name: Music
Duration: 00:03:22
Original piece for mountain dulcimer with harmonica, frame drum, and bass guitar. More music at https://michaelfutreal.com Download & stream links at https://michaelfutreal.com/music
10/04/23 10:50:45AM @davisjames:

Great getting up in the morning music!

Robin Thompson
05/27/23 11:04:34AM @robin-thompson:

This is very cool, Michael.  I'm sharing to fb, too! 

Bucko Futreal
05/23/23 01:59:17PM @bucko-futreal:

I'd forgotten about this website!shrugger

But here's a recent piece in case y'all might enjoy some new dulcimer music.  Dulcimer is tuned DAC, with a capo at 4.