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steve wolschleger
12/28/17 01:46:24PM @steve-wolschleger:

bought one to use while mike was building one for the wife. sold it back to mike when hers was done. regret getting rid of  the 1st. one. The one that mike made for the wife is superb in every way. & she wouldn't part with it for anything. I don't think you can go wrong with one of mikes creations.

Marc Mathieu
04/28/16 09:57:20PM @marc-mathieu:

Sure Derrell - I'd be pleased to send you a copy!  Just allow me some time to locate it and I'll get back to you.

Is your e-mail addie still  "charterdriver at sbcglobal dot net" ?

Robin Thompson
01/13/11 10:31:05AM @robin-thompson:

Just thinking of you, CD, and hoping all is on track for your surgery.

all best wishes,


John Henry
02/26/10 10:36:37AM @john-henry:
CD. Can you please inform me if either the A W Jeffries or the Keith Young Dulcimers are still available, how much you are asking for each,and whether you would be prepared to ship to the UK? thank you for your time,regards, JohnH
Rod Westerfield
08/01/09 07:36:55PM @rod-westerfield:
I'm glad and TY...
Rod Westerfield
08/01/09 06:09:45PM @rod-westerfield:
Howdy CD... did ya get that tab and info I sent ya...