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Heißa Kathreinerle - German Folk Song

musician/member name: Music
Duration: 00:01:59
Dieses Stück spiele ich auf meiner McSpadden Mountain Dulcimer, Stimmung D-A-d, erstmalig "nur" mit 3 Saiten und mit Metronom. Gewählt wurde ein nicht allzu hohes Tempo, damit es Einsteigern leichter gemacht wird, das Stück nachzuspielen.

Zum Stück:
Ein deutsches Volks- und Kinderlied. Erstmals veröffentlicht wurde es in Clemens Neumanns Spielmann im Jahr 1928.
Melodisch lehnt es sich an ein altes und beliebtes Lied, nämlich "Gügük im Häfele", an. Dessen Originalmelodie lässt sich bis ins 14. Jahrhundert zurückverfolgen und gehörte bis etwa 1730 zum Standard-Repertoire der Pfeifertage.
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Cindy Stammich
05/19/18 05:46:53PM @cindy-stammich:

I love old folk songs and this was very sweet!!!  The metronome sounded pretty cool too!  Thank you for sharing!!!!dulcimer

03/04/18 04:22:16PM @strumelia:

Hey you have Spring flowers!  Here in NY we just got 13 inches of snow.  frozen

Rob N Lackey
03/04/18 03:44:23PM @rob-n-lackey:

Very nice Rainer.  I used to play in a classical guitar ensemble and we played this one.  One of our members was German, a chemistry professor at the local University.  He turned us on to a lot of German folk music.

03/04/18 12:17:10PM @dora71:

@Strumelia Thank you. Didn't had the association with a cuckoo clock yet, but nice to think of it.

@Dusty-turtle Thank you, I must admit I use a metronome not often enough, promise to practice more with it in the future music

Dusty Turtle
03/04/18 11:59:24AM @dusty-turtle:

Really nice job, Ranier!  I also use a metronome to practice with, so I think it's a great idea.

03/04/18 10:10:03AM @strumelia:

Very sweet, Rainer.  I love traditional children's tunes form long ago.

That metronome reminded me of a cuckoo clock, and added its own kind of charm as well. red drummer

03/04/18 07:51:44AM @dora71:

Thank you Bob, glad you like it! Your smiley is super-cool!

There's coming more soon ...

03/04/18 07:14:35AM @bob:

Really well playeddulcimer Thanks for sharing your music!

03/04/18 04:59:23AM @dora71:

I played this song on my McSpadden Mountain Dulcimer with tuning D-A-d, first time only with 3 strings.

Also used a metronom app on smartphone, amplified via bluetooth speaker. Normally, the song is played a little bit faster, but for learning purposes, I've chosen to reduce the speed.

The song itself is a German folk song, created for children. Its roots are going back to the 14th century.

This is the first song I post to fotmd, so I hope everything's fine with it.

Greetings from Germany.