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Location: Ludwigsburg, Baden Württemberg
Country: Germany

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Martin Oesterle
@martin-oesterle • 3 weeks ago • comments: 6
Posted a new Comment on Auld Lang Syne:
"Great. I like this song. Many Thanks."
Martin Oesterle
@martin-oesterle • 3 weeks ago • comments: 7
Posted a new Comment on Was soll das bedeuten?:
"Thank you Salt Springs an thank you Christine for the comment. @Christine: You are always welcome. Maybe we will meet one day."
Martin Oesterle
@martin-oesterle • 3 weeks ago • comments: 7
Posted a new Comment on Was soll das bedeuten?:
"Oh - Thank you Dusty for your comment."
Martin Oesterle
@martin-oesterle • 4 weeks ago • comments: 7
Posted a new Comment on Was soll das bedeuten?:
"This is a German Christmas Carol. Recorded by the German Dulcimerclub in Ludwigsburg.  Dezember 2019"
Martin Oesterle
@martin-oesterle • 4 weeks ago • comments: 7
Posted a new YouTube video:
Was soll das bedeuten?
Martin Oesterle
@martin-oesterle • 4 weeks ago • comments: 3
Posted a new Comment on Beauties:
"Hi Fatcat, this is a German Scheitholt from Dulcimus. The VSL is 28´´. It is from the German Dulcimershop ( )"

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07/14/17 08:30:46PM @strumelia:

Martin, your PDF of the tune Tourdion is  exactly what I needed!  Yes I do read the music ok.  The PDF will help me in learning this tune on both the dulcimer and on the penny whistle.  It's perfect-   thank you!  sun

07/13/17 01:01:13PM @strumelia:

Hi Martin-  Peter W. told me you might have the sheet music for "Tourdion" as played in Peter's video here:

I'd love to have either the sheet music or the dulcimer tab for this tune if it's not much trouble...   ?

Oliver Ogden
12/11/14 06:14:12AM @oliver-ogden:

I enjoy this video, and have enjoy all of your group's videos that are on u tube. I watch them often--thank youGrin.gif

Marc Mathieu
10/07/13 04:51:14PM @marc-mathieu:

Wowie ! Enjoy your playing style & choice of chords ! Looking forward to seeing more of your videos

John E. Wood
10/02/13 08:56:35PM @john-e-wood:

Welcome Martin. Good to see you here on FOTMD. We look forward to your participation. Best wishes.

John Keane
10/02/13 08:29:15PM @john-keane:

Howdy and welcome to FOTMD!

Karen Keane
10/02/13 07:18:41PM @karen-keane:
Hello and welcome to the site. This is a great place to listen to music and share ideas. I hope you enjoy!
Jim Fawcett
10/02/13 06:50:52PM @jim-fawcett:

Hey Martin, welcome aboard. Glad ya found us.

Benjamin W Barr Jr
10/02/13 12:28:14PM @benjamin-w-barr-jr:

Hi Martin, and welcome to the wonderful world of the Friends of the Mountain Dulcimer. It's a good place to come, spend some time, learn about the dulcimer, and to meet some good people.


John Henry
10/02/13 11:29:30AM @john-henry:

Hello Martin, a welcome to you from the UK/European group within FOTMD (you'll find us my searching under 'groups', in the Blue Toolbar above) Glad to have you with us, we already have some members based in Germany ! What dulcimer do you have ?