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Location: Rochester, NY
Country: US

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I build Appalachian dulcimers on commission, on the model inherited from Sunhearth. See the Bear Meadow website for more info on me and the work I do!

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Dwain Wilder

Custom fret templates

One of the things I do for other makers of fretted stringed...
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Dwain Wilder

A Tool for Cutting Fret Slots with Super Accuracy

I've been developing a fret cutting template that can be created for any...
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Dewey Parker
02/18/16 06:22:50PM @dewey-parker:

Nice surprise seeing your smiling face on FOTMD, Dwain. Welcome aboard. I was just thinking about you this morning and figured it was about time to get an email off to see what you have been up since the last time we talked. Stay in touch!

Dewey - the Dewey Dulcimer System

Robin Thompson
09/13/10 03:58:56PM @robin-thompson:
Dwain,The url for your website in your Profile needs one of the prefixes omitted.Thank you for the String Choice Workbook-- I've bookmarked it!
Robin Thompson
09/06/10 02:53:19PM @robin-thompson:
Dwain,Earlier today I listened to Carol Walker's dulcimer play on your website. Exquisite.
Dan Evans
08/23/10 09:55:39AM @dan-evans:
hi Dwain - I've kept in touch with David Moore and hope to plasy his festival again, possibly in 2012 - I plan well aheadSmile.gif
Norm Williams
08/07/10 05:13:54PM @norm-williams:
Thanks Dwain... nice to see you here too!!! I am looking forward to this year's festival but am getting ready to head to Elkins, WVa and the Augusta Old Time Week - taking a dulcimer of course but will be "studying" banjo... look forward to seeing you one of these days...
Heidi Muller
03/09/10 11:13:46PM @heidi-muller:
I'm doing fine, thank you. Bob and I are getting ready to fly to Seattle on Thursday for some gigs, after I put in a day of teaching guitar and dulcimer tomorrow to kids in southern WV. We're working on music for a local documentary and Bob's still got lots of folks coming into the studio to record. With two sweet cats and spring coming on... life is good!
Dwain Wilder
03/09/10 01:41:57PM @dwain-wilder:
Wow! What a nice welcome! I've had just a little time to look around. Strumelia, I'll be looking into that Dulcimer Makers group soon. And I nosed around and found a few questions about string choice that I may have some technical advice for. -- Still catching up from my weekend away at Albany.Strumelia, special thanks for your comment on my dulcumers. Did you get a chance to play one or two? I had a couple on the table that were being delivered, and available for playing. They incorporate new technical advances that greatly expand the dynamic range. I really wish I could brag about them, but the truth is one really has to play an instrument to comprehend the qualities of action, responsiveness, projection and volume. MP3 files just don't do that.
03/09/10 09:50:54AM @strumelia:
Dwain, be sure to join the "Dulcimer Makers" GROUP here. You'll find it on the left side column for 'Groups' on the main page. :)
John Henry
03/09/10 08:54:48AM @john-henry:
Glad to have you with Dwain JohnH
Bill Lewis
03/09/10 08:49:19AM @bill-lewis:
Welcome to FOTMD Dwain. :)
03/08/10 11:01:18PM @strumelia:
Hi Dwain, I'm so glad you joined up!Your dulcimers are very beautiful- it was great to see them in person. :)
Rod Westerfield
03/08/10 10:01:15PM @rod-westerfield:
welcome Dwain... glad ya joined the family..