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Location: NC
Country: USA

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Homer Ross
@homer-ross • 2 months ago • comments: 9
Posted a new Comment on Wading in the Shallows :
"Always enjoy your music. This one did not disappoint."
Homer Ross
@homer-ross • 2 months ago • comments: 7
Posted a new Comment on Safe Haven (original):
"So good...enjoyed it very much."
Homer Ross
@homer-ross • 2 months ago • comments: 10
Posted a new Comment on Thank You Tony:
"Greatly enjoyed tune."
Homer Ross
@homer-ross • 2 months ago • comments: 8
Posted a new Comment on Im Märzen der Bauer:
"Beautiful! "

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Homer Ross

What is a Slip Jig?

What is a Slip Jig and how does it differ from a Jig?
@Homer Ross 4 months ago - Comments: 4
Homer Ross

Prichard Dulcimer

Wondering if all of Prichard dulcimers were painted.  
@Homer Ross 5 months ago - Comments: 3
Homer Ross

Playing at Infusion Center

All types of infusion centers have patients who are joyful, sad,...
@Homer Ross 8 months ago - Comments: 1

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Jim Fawcett
06/30/22 06:40:12AM @jim-fawcett:

Hey Homer, welcome aboard. Glad ya found us.

Richard Streib
06/27/22 03:10:58PM @richard-streib:

Welcome Homer Ross to Friends of the Mountain Dulcimer from a fellow North Carolinian. Glad you joined. This is a wonderful place to learn, to meet a lot of nice dulcimer people and to share our affection for the mountain dulcimer and her sweet song.

Ben Barr Jr
06/27/22 02:30:18PM @benjamin-w-barr-jr:

Hi Homer, and welcome to the wonderful world of the Friends of the Mountain Dulcimer.  It's a good place to come, spend some time, learn about the dulcimer, and to meet some good people.


Ken Longfield
06/26/22 05:14:02PM @ken-longfield:

Welcome to FOTMD, Homer. It is good to have you aboard. I look forward to your participation in these discussions.


"The dulcimer sings a sweet song."