American Folk Song Collection

Ken Longfield
3 years ago
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Thanks Ken. Looks like a good resource.


"The dulcimer sings a sweet song."

Patty from Virginia
3 years ago
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That is a great resource! Thanks Ken!!!Smile.gif

3 years ago
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Wow, what a great resource! Thanks, Ken; this one is new to me. Looking forward to going through the collection.

Geekling: your anti-virus software probably cried wolf over cookies or something: this is the website of a Catholic university. Administrative privileges would be required to insert malicious code into the html of the site. Something in the site's code probably just rubbed your anti-virus the wrong way.Smile.gif

Great resource, thanks again, Ken!

Ken Hulme
3 years ago
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Just discovered this online collection. If you love American folk music you owe it to yourself to vist and at least scroll through the titles.

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