Oh Fiddlesticks!

Bob Reinsel
last year
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 I think I'm going to try this with my bother on Sunday.  He's a percussionist by training...

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last year
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Oh man, what a turn on!   hamster

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Mark Runge
last year
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Val was playing her fiddle, and I tried this. She started swatting me with her bow!

Robin Thompson
last year
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Way cool, Dusty!  

I first became a fan of the play of fiddlesticks through the play of the band the Black Twig Pickers. 

Mark & I have experimented with my playing md while he's beating with chopsticks. . . We need to practice lots more before we'll sound any good. :)

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Dusty Turtle
last year
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I always thought Cajun music worked well on the dulcimer because so much of it was written for the diatonic accordion. But there was a droning tradition, too. Check out these fiddlesticks playing a rhythmic drone to one of the oldest Cajun tunes around.

Dusty T., Northern California
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