Who made this, and looking for wood peg tuners for it

Kevin Messenger
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Ken, I have seen Frank SR. Dulcimers ,but, haven't seen any of Frank jr,'s . like I said that was just an option on a possible meaning of the logo. 

Ken Longfield
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It doesn't look at like any Frank Proffitt instrument I've seen. Depending upon how the metal friction pegs were added, replacement with wood pegs may be relatively easy. If violin pegs do not fit, you may need to move to viola pegs. Also, if the taper of the whole was destroyed, that will need to be fixed. There are a number of ways to do that. I just looked at the other thread. If the reason for thinking that these tuners were added because of the holes all the way through the peg head, then I suggest rethinking the idea that this dulcimer originally had wood pegs. The early dulcimers I made required a hole through both walls of the peg head in order to put in those pegs. The space between the walls was not wide enough to slip the string end of the tuner in the hole. I could only assemble the tuner if I had a hole straight through both walls.


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Kevin Messenger
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I know this would be a long shot,but, looking at the logo. The logo looks to be made up of letters interconnected.  the top two looks like FP and the bottom of the logo looks like a JR.   Doubt that it is his ,but, Frank Proffitt Jr. was making dulcimers ,but don't have any idea what his dulcimers looked like. He lived in Todd ,NC  but could have been in Statesville . Like I said just a long shot.

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Pegs would need to be fit to the instrument. Store bought ebony or rosewood can be used. A maker could make you some designed after your liking. Need to find a luthier near you,



Estes George
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I had posted a previous forum on this but wanted to expand on it, after some feed back from Strumelia and others.

 So, found this as a rescue, needed major cleanup etc. But it's a sweetie, in really good shape, no guess as to what woods it's made of. Intonation is good all up and down the frets, It is JI, equidistant, great tone and well made. I usually don't buy them unless I know something of the maker, but I'm not disappointed at all.

 Inside is a label that is personalized, " To my friend Louie", Made in Feb, 1989, There is a logo of which I am attaching a photo of, a line, "Red", Made in Statesville, NC. Just wondering if anyone may know anything about it.

 After Strumelia pointed it out, these current tuners on it look for sure to be an add on later. I would love to put wood peg tuners back on it, if any one can tell me where i can find or have some made.

 The n4th picture is hard to see but if you look close you can see the logo, the line and then the R in Red.

 Also, if I can find peg tuners I will be selling off the current tuners to anyone who may be interested.

 Any info greatly appreciated as always,

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