Looking for Info on Laurel Mountain Dulcimers

Dusty Turtle
Dusty Turtle
6 years ago
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Yeah, the Laurel Mountain website has been taken down.  I fear Mary has retired.

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Ken Hulme
Ken Hulme
6 years ago
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I see her birthday is today she's turned 65.  I also see, on her Facebook page, that she lists herself as "former owner of Laurel Mountain Instruments.  My best guess is that she's not building; or not building under that name anyway.  I'd say query her on Facebook.

6 years ago
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Reviving an old thread here to ask if anyone knows what has become of Laurel Mountain dulcimers. Is Mary still making dulcimers? 

sandra hehl
sandra hehl
10 years ago
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Has anyone had any contact recently with this dulcimer maker?
I have tried emails and phone calls with no success.
Was thinking about ordering one of her mini dulcimers.
Also, if you have any feedback on the mini please let me know.

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