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Location: Windsor
Country: CANADA

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Ist song on Dulcimer

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Helen Seiler
08/06/14 04:17:02AM @helen-seiler:

This is great Gary, and from your arrangement I havelearnt a few ways to dress my own version. So thanks heaps and keep 'em coming.

John Keane
08/05/14 06:16:47PM @john-keane:

Great start! Smile.gif

08/05/14 04:28:22AM @bobby-maxspop-bingham:

Wow, Gary! Fantastic way to debut your MD playing. Keep'em coming.

John Henry
08/05/14 02:37:26AM @john-henry:
Way to go Gary! Thanks for sharingJohnH
Maryann Lang
08/05/14 01:37:40AM @maryann-lang:

Great job! I am impressed that you were playing chords on your 1st attempt!

Greg Patterson
08/04/14 10:47:55PM @greg-patterson:

Nice job! You're off to a good start!