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Hopeful Valley - Multi-track Composition

musician/member name: Music
Duration: 00:03:40
I am dedicating this song to all the high school seniors, (of which I am one), who have not had the year they expected. We're missing graduation parties, classes, athletics, friends, and more. It really is like walking through the valley of the shadow of death. However, we know we have nothing to fear when God is with us. And remember, just because this season of life is, well, obnoxious, we still have many good things to look forward to. It's sad, but there's still hope it can get better. Hopefully this song reminds you of that, and I hope you enjoy the song.

This song is my final composition for music theory class. I've involved a few instruments, and while not perfect, I think it turned out fairly well. You may wonder why I'm playing another cardboard-styrofoam dulcimer. That's one I made a while ago, for travelling in the car. (It's a "baritone dulcimette", in the key of G). It's really just because I wrote the song on this dulcimer, and it's kind of my best fully chromatic dulcimer right now.

I also play the guitar and mandolin. I have been learning some things on the mandolin and this song was a nice challenge. However, don't think I know what I'm doing on the guitar! I just used it for the low bass notes.

In retrospect, this project would have been easier if I had just recorded with a metronome:P I apparently speed up and slow down a lot.
Cynthia Wigington
05/23/20 07:57:48AM @cynthia-wigington:

Love this, and that dulcimer. Best wishes to you.

05/23/20 01:21:46AM @sam:

Nicely done. All synchronized extremely well. Gongrats on your academic accomplishments as well. Best wishes for a full future with your instruments and music.  

05/22/20 10:56:19PM @irene:

CONGRATULATIONS GRANTO.....I loved this music and watching you play all of the instruments.   I have two grandchildren grads of 2020 as you.   I've made a large lyre for a very musical grandson. (he plays 4 instruments now)  The granddaughter doesn't know it yet, but a dulcimer will be hers when she gets here tomorrow night.   I'll show her your playing.   I know she'll be impressed.   She was a Shaksphere player in her high school and a star at that to boot.  Thank you so much for sharing your talents with us and there is much in store for you in your future.  Keep us all "in tune" with your adventures.   aloha, irene

05/22/20 08:52:59PM @bob:

Splendid! Thoroughly enjoyed your music. Yes, a sad year for all students, especially those passing milestone years in their education. It seems as if you've made good of a bad situation. True artist, creating beauty from chaos. Best wishes Granto.

Dusty Turtle
05/22/20 01:08:32PM @dusty-turtle:

That's wonderful, Granto!  The tune is catchy but also interesting and challenging. What a great composition.  And I feel really bad for you and all the seniors across the country who can't have your end-of-year ceremonies, both formal in informal.  That really stinks.  All I can say is that you guys will have the best 5-year reunion ever!

05/22/20 09:56:16AM @strumelia:

Granto, this is so great.  You are multi-talented!

I feel for all graduating young people during this virus crisis.  It's amazing that you have been able to create something profound and so meaningful while in isolation.  Keep up the good work- one day things will be different and less stressful for you and for your family and friends.  You are the future!  bear

Robin Thompson
05/22/20 08:43:19AM @robin-thompson:

First, I send all good wishes and congratulations to you on your graduation!  I am sorry you and all high school seniors have had to miss classes, athletics, parties, and all the celebratory happenings which surround the ending of school.

Your composition is lovely and your play of it is so good!  I hope today and the coming days bring many good things to you!