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Heidi Muller

Tips to Learn 4-Eq. Strings

I'd like to open a new discussion of how people learn or teach 4-eq. so we can help others. I hope you all will chime in here!I would recommend you...
@Heidi Muller started 13 years ago - replies: 28

Chord Resource and new tuning.

Here is an amazing chord generator for those playing 4 equidistant strings and looking for chord fingerings. It does not work for less than 4...
@Skip started last year - replies: 0
Robin Clark

Walter Miller - Earliest 4 string Equidistant Chord/melody Player?

I have just received the DVD 'The West Virginia Hills - A Tribute to the Dulcimer'. One of the players featured in the film in Walter Miller who...
@Robin Clark started 10 years ago - replies: 3

Fiddle/Mando tuning question....

I play Mando and Fiddle - has anyone tried tuning a chromatic dulcimer G-D-A-E, with G being treble. It would have to be a ‘left-handed’ string...
@ValerieK started 2 years ago - replies: 1
Bob Stephens

String spacing and fretboard width

I would like to know the string spacing and fretboard width typically used for four equidistant strings.  Any information would be appreciated.
@Bob Stephens started 3 years ago - replies: 4

Including an extra bass string

Hi everyone, I've just entered the world of 4 equidistant strings. As I didn't have any spare high "d" strings (or guitar "e" or "B") I went the...
@tpatts started 4 years ago - replies: 1

Exotic Chords

Hello all.  So I was looking at my dulcimer chord book, on the pages for four-equidistant strings, and noticed that there weren't many exotic...
@Rachael started 4 years ago - replies: 5


  Hello again, all.  I would love to try writing a blues on the dulcimer.  Anyone know how I could go about that on the four-equidistant dulcimer?...
@Rachael started 5 years ago - replies: 6

Tuning to D-G-d-d

A second question!  I currently am tuned to D-A-d-d.  Does tuning to D-G-d-d put one in a different key, and if so, does anyone know what the chord...
@Rachael started 5 years ago - replies: 3

Clarification needed on playing 4 equidistant strings

I've been asked to help a beginner get started on dulcimer and discovered she has 4 eq strings.  I read the threads related to this and Heidi...
@dulcinina started 5 years ago - replies: 6

New to Four-Equidistant Strings, tuning questions

Hi, just joined the group as I am building my first Mountain Dulcimer, and have decided to set it up and learn to play four-string equidistant.I...
@Monterey started 9 years ago - replies: 5
Parker Buckley

Setting up and playing a Mize dulcimer

Hi All,I recently had the good fortune to buy a Mize dulcimer off eBay that needs basic setup (including bridge) and some small cosmetic work. It...
@Parker Buckley started 10 years ago - replies: 3