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ALL CREATURES OF YOUR GOD AND KING played on 4-string mountain dulcimer
J. Andy Crandall
05/13/21 08:16:49PM @j-andy-crandall:


4 eq dist strings tuned Dadd allows fingering harmony on the top and bottom strings like that, and still allows a full A&D drone on open strings.  I use it a lot.

Glad I could show you this really interesting and dulcimer friendly tune.

05/12/21 05:15:10PM @strumelia:

Very well played!  Never heard this before.

It's terrific how you use two fingers on two strings to run a harmony line along with the melody.  worthy

Ken Longfield
05/09/21 02:47:22PM @ken-longfield:

Very nice, Andy. Thanks for sharing this wonderful hymn.


"The dulcimer sings a sweet song."

J. Andy Crandall
05/09/21 02:01:08PM @j-andy-crandall:

I have been working through a hymnal looking for tunes the work on the MD and finding lots to work with.