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I Am Resolved

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Duration: 00:01:09
I AM RESOLVED on 4-string mountain dulcimer
J. Andy Crandall
05/12/21 06:27:09PM @j-andy-crandall:

Thanks for the kind words.

especially from fellow finger pickers.

I generally play 4-eq distance Dadd and think it works well for finger picking.

Dusty Turtle
05/09/21 10:59:35PM @dusty-turtle:

That's some nice fingerpicking right there!

Salt Springs
05/09/21 08:44:39PM @salt-springs:

I needed that today!

Robin Thompson
05/09/21 05:59:50PM @robin-thompson:

Wow, I haven't heard this in what feels like about a million years!  Wonderfully played!  

(My mom was a church pianist for many years and this is one we sang when I was a kid.)