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Come Thou Long Expected Jesus-Mountain Dulcimer

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Duration: 00:02:23
Come Thou Long Expected Jesus played on the mountain dulcimer. 4 - ED strings with 'harp notes'
J. Andy Crandall
12/26/21 05:49:12PM @j-andy-crandall:

Clarification for Strumelia

Harp notes are a 4-eds technique.  Nothing new to the world, just to me.

Stephen Siefert explained them in a video a couple of months ago when he was playing a dulcimer he had recently purchased that was formerly owned by David Schnaufer.  It appears the term goes back at least to Mr. Schnaufer but could easily be way older.

12/26/21 07:46:07AM @ariane:

Very beautiful, J. Andy!

12/24/21 11:29:04AM @strumelia:

I'm not exactly clear on how/whether 'harp notes' are different from regular 4ED fingerpicking technique, but...  this is just lovely !!  angellic

J. Andy Crandall
12/22/21 10:18:26PM @j-andy-crandall:

A couple of months ago, I saw a Stephen Seifert vlideo in which he was showing David  Schnaufer's 4-string dulcimer and mentioned 'harp notes'- only practical (possible?) with 4 equal-distant strings.  You hold one string and sustain a melody note while sounding the next note on the adjacent string. 


This melody was written for this technique.  

BTW - Dulcimer #43; bocote & yellow cedar.