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Ptet ta tete (Dulciferous loop)

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Duration: 00:07:01
Two cameras showing a Dulciferous loop: drum pedal looping bass lap dulcimer/harmonica, rhythm dulcimer/oboe, and finally lead dulcimer.
John Keane
07/25/13 08:36:44AM @john-keane:

Great stuff!

Helen Seiler
07/24/13 11:14:18PM @helen-seiler:

Wow Jud. I am sure that is what my dulcimer dreams about doing when she is asleep....Rockstar!! Thanks so much for posting and congratulations on a great piece of music.

Randy Adams
07/24/13 09:00:35PM @randy-adams:

Yeah I'm liking this here Jud.....good listen....

Jud Barry
07/24/13 08:26:21PM @jud-barry:

The looper I use is a Boss RC-2 Loop Station, which Boss replaced with the RC-3. From what I understand the new model adds lots of memory and a USB connection, but might have a little less variety in plug'n'play rhythm (don't quote me on that.) Anyway the one I have is fun to work with, particularly for practice and songwriting. Performing, well, I just tell the audience to think how pleasant it is to go into a cheese store Grin.gif

I'm not that much of a gear head--just find a few sounds I like and use them. I have a great instrument, a solid-body chromatic made by Rick Felkel in Louisiana (Elloree Guitars).

I started out playing trad (noter diatonic drone). My noter was a popsicle stick. What I liked to do was play unison with the rack harp. That dulcimer--built by the late Bill Smith, husband of dulcimist and balladeer Betty Smith--let me bend notes by angling the noter down towards the floor and sliding it back and forth in the "back 40" of the fret space.

Karen Keane
07/24/13 06:53:41PM @karen-keane:
I've just purchased a looper and several other pedals as well. I love th drum machine and all the possibilities that you can do with this machine. Thanks for posting this.
Rob N Lackey
07/24/13 04:53:48PM @rob-n-lackey:

very neat, Jud. Gonna have to get me a looper soon. What kind are you using?

Patty from Virginia
07/24/13 11:06:42AM @patty-from-virginia:

That is cool113.gif

Jud Barry
07/24/13 10:20:11AM @jud-barry:

Thank you! Sometimes getting the tempo just right is a bit tricky--this particular pedal doesn't have metronome settings.

07/24/13 09:34:35AM @strumelia:

That's very creative, Jud! Love that foot stomp beat to start it out. :)