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Location: Bidwell, OH
Country: US

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Sunday Sunrise...When the Roll is Called Up Yonder

musician/member name: Music
Duration: 00:03:13
The third entry in our “Sunday Sunrise” series features the old hymn “When The Roll Is Called Up Yonder.” Kendra plays this on her McSpadden teardrop dulcimer, using Ionian tuning in the key of F (FCC).
10/11/19 10:10:15PM @irene:

I'm sooooooooooo glad you've found this site.  I'm surprised you've not found us before.   YEAH, YOU ARE HERE and I love this song AGAIN....and singing it at this time of night when I'm so tired.   Maybe sometimes when you begin your Sunday Sunrise, you could show us your dulcimer that you're playing on.  We do a lot of showing what we make and play on this site.  I'd love to see  your music stand in full....Can your music stand be lowered to play sitting down?  I just love hearing you two play music together.   Aloha, irene

10/03/19 05:28:51AM @ariane:

It's a joy to see and hear you playing music together dulcimer