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What Child Is This with the Celtic Conservationists

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Our band of co-workers at the building holiday party 2011, I like how one co-worker gave us a standing ovation at the end;)
Macy Jayne
01/16/12 11:03:50AM @macy-jayne:

Thanks everyone! The thing about a gig, I thought about it for a year, we practiced about 6 times over 8 weeks, but in 25 minutes it was all over. On another note, I tease Anna that her guitalele does NOT play well with others, its the C string in place of the B string that throws everything off and gives it the Hawaiian sound. The sax and flute did sound very good with the dulci.

Karen Keane
01/16/12 10:31:35AM @karen-keane:

Great job and thanks for sharing.Grin.gif

John Keane
01/16/12 10:00:32AM @john-keane:

It's really neat that y'all have a few folks around that can play. It's even NEATER that y'all actually took the time to do it!

Macy Jayne
01/16/12 07:45:40AM @macy-jayne:

One of the percussionists always wanted a triangle so he bought one just for this event! It was sort of a once and done band of co-workers for the Christmas party for the whole building at work. It was great playing with such talented musicians.