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Coleman's March

Coleman's March

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I learned this tune from videos of Robin Clark's playing, but have messed around with the rhythm quite a bit. I think it works! Played on my all-walnut, meantone-fretted Ed Thomas replica built by John Knopf, and recorded on my Zoom Q2n.
04/10/22 12:49:13PM @davisjames:

Love the tune and the playing.The story has a few points in common with other fiddle-gallows stories.I find the "dead man's tuning"interesting....same thing in Canada,alternate ways of tuning the fiddle for more resonance,but we call it "Hangman's tuning","Devil's tuning".

10/26/20 11:06:18PM @kjb:

Love this tune.  On my list to learn on the mountain dulcimer soon.  Well played.  Thanks for posting.

John W. McKinstry
08/31/20 07:11:29AM @john-w-mckinstry:

I loved the authentic folk sound  in your piece played in the noter-style. Thanks for sharing.

08/05/20 08:34:49PM @bob:


08/05/20 08:44:08AM @ariane:

Very beautifully played - and you have a wonderful sounding dulcimer.

Robin Thompson
07/28/20 04:20:30PM @robin-thompson:

Magictime, your play of Coleman's March is so fine and sounds just right played on your Thomas replica! 

07/28/20 04:12:50AM @magictime:

Thanks all! Yes @Dusty-Turtle, I came across that piece a week or two ago. I'd love to know the story of the story - what actually happened, and how and when other elements came to be added.

I wish the tune felt a bit more 'slow and dirge-like' to play, as per that verbal description! I think it's got the longest and fastest unbroken 'runs' of notes of any tune I've yet tried to learn. 

Dusty Turtle
07/28/20 12:19:40AM @dusty:

Nice playing, @Magictime.  You really bring out the beauty in the melody.

By the way, the story behind this song--even if it's not true--is pretty interesting.  Check out this version .

Kevin R.
07/27/20 08:16:01PM @kevin-r:

Very nice!

Steven Berger
07/27/20 01:42:53PM @steven-berger:

Nice playing! John builds a fine instrument (I have two)!

John Shaw
07/27/20 11:50:09AM @john-shaw:

Beaytifully played, and a gorgeous sounding instrument.