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This is My Father's World

This is My Father's World

style or instrument: J. E. Thomas repro by J. Knopf

musician/member name: Amanda B.

streams: 56


Just received this instrument yesterday! It is small and will take me getting used to, but I love it!
05/20/21 06:28:51PM @mandapanda:

Thank you, Salt-Springs! 

Salt Springs
05/20/21 08:34:01AM @salt-springs:

That's a good'n and played perfectly!

05/20/21 07:10:10AM @mandapanda:

Thank you, Richard! It's a sweet sounding instrument!

Richard Streib
05/19/21 08:23:18PM @richard-streib:

Sounds awesome Mandapanda. Well played. Sure is a good sounding dulcimore.

05/19/21 05:08:52PM @mandapanda:

Thank you both, Robin and John! You made a dandy, John; I'm delighted!

John C. Knopf
05/19/21 09:07:12AM @john-c-knopf:

Wonderful, Amanda!  Bravo!  It sounds great in your capable hands.

Robin Thompson
05/19/21 07:44:04AM @robin-thompson:

Wonderfully played, Amanda, on another hymn I've not heard in a very long time.  The music of the spheres is here.  :)  Love the sound of your Knopf instrument, too!  

05/19/21 06:59:51AM @mandapanda:

Thanks, @Strumelia! This instrument just arrived Monday night, so it was one of my first times noodling with it. I asked Mr. Knopf about tuning my new Thomas, and he said the traditional tuning for them was CGG, or just "to a good note," as the old-timers said. I do have my Prichard tuned DAA, though! 

05/18/21 10:09:23PM @strumelia:

Sounds great to me, real traditional! We'd all love to see a pic of your new beauty.  :)

-have you tried the dulcimer in key of D yet?

05/18/21 07:12:47PM @mandapanda:

Well, shoot! I didn't realize these posted to a public space! LOL!!