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Come Thou Fount...

Come Thou Fount...

style or instrument: J. E. Thomas repro by J. Knopf

musician/member name: Amanda B.

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I just love this hymn. Can't say more about it!
12/07/21 11:19:10PM @studentofrhythm:


06/02/21 06:19:44PM @mandapanda:

@John-C-Knopf - it's played on a beautiful instrument!

John C. Knopf
06/02/21 05:18:41PM @john-c-knopf:

Amanda, this is so beautiful!  We sing this hymn often in church.

06/02/21 04:58:20PM @mandapanda:

Thank you both; it is such a lovely hymn! I appreciate your encouragement!

Richard Streib
06/02/21 04:15:46PM @richard-streib:

MandaPanda, such a beautiful rendition of this old hymn. Thank you for sharing your talent  with us.

Robin Thompson
06/02/21 07:28:53AM @robin-thompson:

Wonderful play of this lovely old hymn, Amanda!  It's been a lot of years since I've heard it much and am so glad you posted this.