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Bring a Torch, Jeanette, Isabella

Bring a Torch, Jeanette, Isabella

style or instrument: Prichard repro by K. Messenger

musician/member name: Amanda B.

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17th century French Christmas carol. Merry 6th Day of Christmas!!!
01/01/22 12:43:56PM @mandapanda:

Thanks, everyone! Happy New Year and merry 8th Day of Christmas!!!

Gordon Hardy
01/01/22 12:36:00PM @gordon-hardy:

Thanks for sharing MandaPanda. Good Stuff!!

Jennifer Wren
12/31/21 07:52:40PM @jennifer-wren:


Richard Streib
12/31/21 07:43:29PM @richard-streib:

Beautiful MandaPanda. Thank you for sharing with us.

Robin Thompson
12/31/21 07:53:42AM @robin-thompson:

Oh, I love this-- a delight to hear!  Your Kevin Messenger reproduction suits just right and your play is wonderful.  Happy 6th Day of Christmas to you, also!  

12/30/21 07:52:16PM @studentofrhythm:

Yes - keep the Christmas going!  This is lovely.