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Fiddle tune "22nd of February" on dulcimer

musician/member name: Music
Duration: 00:00:58
Just in time for Washington's Birthday, the tune is a version of "Miller's Reel." Dulcimer tuned Low A-A-E. No tab yet, I just worked it up this morning. Watch this space!
Lexie R Oakley
03/04/16 12:45:11PM @lexie-r-oakley:

Really great playing Mark, I enjoyed it.


Robin Thompson
02/24/16 09:52:12AM @robin-thompson:

So fine, Mark. 

Helen Seiler
02/23/16 03:04:24PM @helen-seiler:

Magical Mark!. Thanks for sharing this. clapper

Sean Ruprecht-Belt
02/23/16 02:39:04PM @sean-belt:

Very nice work, Mark. I'm going to have to work this one up.

Bob Reinsel
02/23/16 02:09:52PM @bob-reinsel:

Great.  Thanks!

Mark Nelson
02/23/16 01:34:59PM @mark-nelson:

Thanks! I've been looking for this tune for years & finally found it on Jim Tailor's Songs of the Civil War CD. It appeared in an 1839 book: "Virginia Reels, vil 2" by one George Knauff.

Since he's a hammered dulcimer player, Jim's arrangement makes use of open string not found on on either fiddles of Appalachian dulcimers.

I added bits and pieces from a couple standard versions of "Miller's Reel" to make the tune more fiddle-friendly, then re-arranged it for dulcimer. That meant leaving some stuff out & swapping octaves for the second part. The vid is close to the arrangement; I made a couple creative mistakes that I left in cuz I wanted it up on the 22nd....

I'll include the tab in "101 Old Time Fiddle Tunes for Appalachian Dulcimer" or whatever the heck I decide to call it. It'll be a while yet, so if anyone wants a copy of this tune, drop my a note and I'll send ya a pdf.


Dusty Turtle
02/23/16 12:52:32PM @dusty-turtle:

What a hoppin' tune, Mark! I look forward to seeing the tab and giving it a try myself.