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Location: Saint Louis, MO
Country: US

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Sean Ruprecht-Belt
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Posted a response to "What's fer dinner?":
"Last night my sweetie made roasted spaghetti squash (from a neighbor's garden) with tomato/garlic/basil sauce and a salad (all from our garden!).  Delicious."

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Where you playing next?

So, folks on the FOTMD, where you playin' at next?   I'll be...
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Pretty Little Pink

Pretty Little Pink

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Rod Westerfield
08/31/09 01:27:37PM @rod-westerfield:
Understand your working... we will miss your playing... one day we will get together again..
Rod Westerfield
08/31/09 12:59:10PM @rod-westerfield:
Welcome Sean... good to see you joined us.... was hoping to maybe see you next weekend...
08/31/09 10:45:59AM @strumelia:
Hey Sean!- WELCOME!!! :D