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Marsha Elliott
08/04/13 11:37:29AM @marsha-elliott:


Thanks for the absolutely fabulous workshop you did this weekend in Jasper, GA. One of the BEST I have attended anywhere and such a full range of goodies presented. I, as well as the other members of my group who were there, went home fully excited about implementing what we had learned. We are even going to try to perfect (somewhat) the "Dueling Dulcimers" to add to our play list for our upcoming play-out in October at Gibbs Gardens.

To others reading this message....... I can't rave enough about Paul and his workshops. You would LOVE him!!

Looking forward to visiting your Monday group soon in Highlands.

Robert Force
12/07/12 05:54:53PM @robert-force:

Hi Paul

Looks like I might be in MISS in Feb-- FL for sure-- could junket on through. Would love to see you. Off to Mexico on Mon--- caught a three week gig at a Club Med... ah--- that's the life. love to all. r

John Keane
07/01/12 11:54:50AM @john-keane:

It was nice getting to see you at Dulcimerville again! Karen says "hi" as well (and thanks for the help)!

Robert Force
03/29/12 11:08:52PM @robert-force:

Paul-- out of touch with you. please email me. gracias.

yoie fren Robert

Bill Davenport
01/12/12 10:21:53AM @bill-davenport:

Hi Paul, I looked up Bluegrass Dulcimer Club. I couldn,t find a web site but it did list Tricia as contact... Good luck...


Phil Myers
06/28/11 07:49:35AM @phil-myers:
Hey Paul, there is a group on here called Public Domain or Not that lists some places to research songs.
Marsha Elliott
01/22/11 12:33:19AM @marsha-elliott:

Paul, I love the beautiful waltz you wrote for Dulcimerville. I am a beginner player and am trying to learn it before going in June. I don't read music so I have to listen over and over to the recording in order to get it right. Weekends at my mountain get-a-way are the best times for practice but I don't have an Internet connection up there. I don't see a way to capture the recording to take it with me (since it's in Flash format). Is there a possibility that you could send me an MP3 file, I would be ever so grateful. I sent you my email address in the private messaging (friend request).

Thanks again and looking forward to meeting you in June.

Larry Conger
07/25/10 10:11:34PM @larry-conger:
Hey Paul,WCU went great! Attendance was smaller than in past years, which played well for the participants. We tweaked the format here and there and our changes were extremely well received. We have some interesting new ideas for 2011.The Snowbird workshops didn't make. April told me when I talked with her on Friday that business had really fallen off this year. I suppose we'll try it again next year.I'm presently in Cashiers taking a few day of R&R after a WCU. We're staying at the Laurelwood Mountain Inn. The manager here is a dulcimer player (Doris) and she suggested that the inn might be interested in hosting some dulcimer workshops. I told her that I would run the idea by you and see if this was something you might be interested in. I told her that we wouldn't do it unless we involved you, since you live so close by.
Phil Myers
07/25/10 05:08:57PM @phil-myers:
Hey Paul, we need to get together and do some playin' when you get back from Wisconsin. Let me know when you and Dee return.
Paul Andry
01/06/10 12:23:52PM @paul-andry:
Time to take down the Christmas tree/decorations, clean up and organize my music / calendar! It will probably take me until next week to get 'er done... Have fun at the Winter Weekend - let me know if you've found any great tunes! Call me next week after you're home and settled -stay warm! We can meet at my house or a location that's convenient for youCM NBV CZB
Phil Myers
01/06/10 07:48:23AM @phil-myers:
Hey Paul-Is it cold enough for ya? Lowest it got at my house was 9, a little different than Louisiana! Let's try for next week to do some playin' if I don't get stranded in Lake Junaluska this weekend! Keep warm.
Paul Andry
12/25/09 09:50:17AM @paul-andry:
Thanks guys! It's always nice to talk with fellow musicians!
Bill Lewis
12/25/09 09:46:22AM @bill-lewis:
Welcome to FOTMD Paul
Rod Westerfield
12/25/09 09:39:44AM @rod-westerfield:
welcome Paul.. glad ya joined the family...