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Location: Bedford, Ohio
Country: US

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Jimmy Lamar
12/02/10 10:59:52AM @jimmy-lamar:
Howdy Paul,Yesiree! Chestnut Mare is a fabulous song, and one of my favorite Byrds' songs. The bridge in that tune is so cool. It's one of those rather rare songs that sounds as good on each listen, as it did the first time I heard it.Of course a lot of the Byrds' stuff is that way.JL
Jimmy Lamar
12/01/10 04:59:45PM @jimmy-lamar:
Howdy Paul,Yeah man I hear you there brother. So much to do and so little time- could be a double entendre depending how old one is. Time doesn't fly, it takes leaps and bounds. I started building this dulcimer in September, along with other projects of course, and here it is December. Unbelieveable!JLJL
Jimmy Lamar
12/01/10 01:44:19PM @jimmy-lamar:
Howdy Paul,The Byrds!! A man after my own heart! I'm a huge Byrds fan. I thought all the Byrds fans were dead by now except me. Soon as I get this cannon built I'm gonna learn me some Byrds' songs on it. I play Mr. Spaceman and My Back Pages on the guitar. Turn, Turn, Turn would be a great one to have in the old reportoire too, if only there wasn't so many words to memorize.JL
Jimmy Lamar
12/01/10 11:22:07AM @jimmy-lamar:
Howdy Again Paul,How would you string this bass I'm making? I.E. What guage strings and whattuning?JL
Jimmy Lamar
12/01/10 08:26:55AM @jimmy-lamar:
Howdy Paul,Thanks for the imput on that neck/fingerboard length. I have considered the downside of going long, and you are right chording could be a problem. I do have big potato grabbers, but not real long fingers. Guess I'll have to learn some alternative chords.JL
Paul Certo
04/09/10 04:11:46PM @paul-certo:
Thank you all for the nice welcome. I'm happy to be here. !
Rod Westerfield
04/09/10 11:48:07AM @rod-westerfield:
welcome Paul..glad ya joined the family..
Jim Fawcett
04/09/10 07:33:04AM @jim-fawcett:
Hey Paul, Welcome aboard. Glad ya found us...
Bill Lewis
04/09/10 05:24:30AM @bill-lewis:
Welcome to FOTMD Paul.Smile.gif
04/09/10 12:13:57AM @strumelia:
Hi Paul,Glad to have you with us!