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Jimmy Lamar

Things Were Going Okay.... Then This!!!

I glued on the bottom last night, which is a two piece bookmatched...
@Jimmy Lamar 5 years ago - Comments: 18
Jimmy Lamar

Does Anyone Have A Good Source For Mountain Dulcimer VSL?

I am getting ready to install frets, and I need to know where to mark...
@Jimmy Lamar 5 years ago - Comments: 6
Jimmy Lamar

How Do You Sign Your MD?

I am getting close to gluing on the bottom of my first build. The top...
@Jimmy Lamar 5 years ago - Comments: 7
Jimmy Lamar

String Spacing For Baritone Build

Can anyone help with the string spacing on a baritone? I'm in the design...
@Jimmy Lamar 8 years ago - Comments: 14
Jimmy Lamar

Humidifiers For Dulcimers? Essential Or Not?

The thought occurred to me today when I re-moistened my acoustic guitar...
@Jimmy Lamar 5 years ago - Comments: 5
Jimmy Lamar

Scarborough Fair: How Do You Play It?

I have always dug this old English folk song. I imagine most of us were...
@Jimmy Lamar 5 years ago - Comments: 7
Jimmy Lamar

Spruce On Top, Or Spruce On The Back?

A recent discussion coalesced in a thread below, which I thought...
@Jimmy Lamar 5 years ago - Comments: 7
Jimmy Lamar

Bridge To End Pins Distance: How Critical?

Does the distance between the bridge and the end pins matter that...
@Jimmy Lamar 6 years ago - Comments: 4
Jimmy Lamar

What Pick-Up To Buy?

For the builders who use pick-ups, what brand, type, and model have...
@Jimmy Lamar 6 years ago - Comments: 4
Jimmy Lamar

Ball End Strings: What End Pins?

Coming from an acoustic guitar background, I want to stick with ball...
@Jimmy Lamar 6 years ago - Comments: 12
Jimmy Lamar

The Capo?

How do you folks use a capo if the fretboard is not hollowed out? Is...
@Jimmy Lamar 6 years ago - Comments: 6
Jimmy Lamar

Tennessee Music Box Plans?

Anyone have any resources for plans, etc. for building a TMB?
@Jimmy Lamar 6 years ago - Comments: 11
Jimmy Lamar

Let’s Discuss Volume

I am mostly addressing the builders here. Maybe I should have posted...
@Jimmy Lamar 6 years ago - Comments: 44
Jimmy Lamar

Need Help Uploading Photos

I can't seem to upload any pics. Any help would be appreciated.JL
@Jimmy Lamar 10 years ago - Comments: 0
Jimmy Lamar

Mountain Dulcimer Building 101 (or 214 ways to skin a cat)

Reasons: I always wanted to build an MD.Instrument building...
@Jimmy Lamar 10 years ago - Comments: 9
Jimmy Lamar

Need Help With Top Plates

New builderhaving much frustration trying to true my plates for the top....
@Jimmy Lamar 11 years ago - Comments: 6
Jimmy Lamar

Building Baritone Dulcimer

I am in the design stage. What scale length are you guys using, and what...
@Jimmy Lamar 12 years ago - Comments: 8

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How do you search for other members?

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Dulcimer Strings

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02/07/19 06:30:21PM @dan:

I would like to invite you to the Berea Gathering in May.


There will be four traditional makers there ready to share all of our experiences!

Jan Schultz
01/01/11 05:02:37PM @jan-schultz:

Hi Jimmy, Happy New Year!

I re-measured my dulcimer and it's not 39" but about 381/4" or so. It's standard, not a bass or baritone and it's got a fantastic voice. The open string length is 27" Made by David McKinney of Modern Mountain Dulcimers. In the second picture you can see the "second bottom: which adds to the depth of the dulcimer and also enhances the sound. This actually is the nicest dulcimer I have ever played.

?width=530 35_members.jpg?width=530

Scotty Lee Shuffield
12/08/10 12:24:01PM @scotty-lee-shuffield:
Jimmy - sure I'd like to learn more about recording on GB...I need to do some more on my dulcimer, as well as my guitar, ukulele... Don't bust a hump looking it up , but when you get a chance...let me know. You can post as a comment or you can send me a FOTMD Message. Thanks, Brother...Scooter
Jerry C Rockwell
12/06/10 07:57:49PM @jerry-c-rockwell:
Jimmy: Thanks for the kind words. I'd like to hear some of your dulcimers sometime.Jerry
12/05/10 01:59:28PM @strumelia:
I'm seeing your photos just fine. ***Try restarting your computer and signing out and in again to FOTMD.*** could be a setting got 'stuck' the wrong way.You say you 'clicked on something' and then couldn't see the photos- do you remember what you clicked? Ask another member if they can see your pix. (someone who is not the site owner like I am).Let's continue this discussion in private message posts- not wanting to inflict it on 1200 other people on the main page!
12/05/10 01:46:15PM @strumelia:
Jimmy, I am seeing all 8 of your photos just fine. Are you not able to see them?To delete a photo, just click it so it opens ion its own page, there you will see a link to "Delete photo".
Ken Hulme
12/05/10 09:44:32AM @ken-hulme:
Hi Jimmy;Yeah I paddle - a lot. Have a folding kayak that I used to trip around to various islands in the Pacific when i lived out there.I'm pretty much always accessible via the net and email. But when I go to Africa in March it will be a bit more sporadic as villages out in the bush won't have Internet cafes for daily access! I'll help anyway I can.
Bill Lewis
12/05/10 07:38:26AM @bill-lewis:
My first build was from a kit that i got from Cedar Creek Dulcimers in Branson Mo. I built it for my brother who never seen one before. He plays guitar so he had no problem picking it up. Then i decided to build myself one and bought another kit from Cedar Creek. My third one i built at a class at WCU in North Carolina with a luthier name John Huron. Was alot of fun and learned alot. if you are interested in going that route i would recommend it because John is a great person too learn from and alot of fun. His assistant is helpful too. He will be at Dulcimerville this June. He is going to build an Uncle Ed Thomas replica. I"m thinking about going and taking the course myself. Just half to check on my finances to see if i can swing it this coming year. If i can be of anymore help just ask. Grin.gif
Bill Lewis
12/05/10 07:20:50AM @bill-lewis:
Jimmy, look on my page and you will see photos of my builds. Grin.gif
Robin Clark
12/05/10 03:57:32AM @robin-clark:
Hi Jimmy,A peizo pick-up example would be like the undersaddle pick-ups fitted to an acoustic guitar by Fishman (L R Baggs make one to go under a duncimer bridge. Other peizo pick-ups stick onto the outside or inside surface of the instrument like the KK big shot. Piezo pick-ups work by detecting and amplifying the movement of the instrument's body. Unless mounted under pressure (like under the bridge) they can make the whole instrument very sensitive to touches or knocks. A magnetic pick-up example would be say a P90 humbucker fitted to an electric guitar or a soundhole pick-up like the Fishman Rare Earth fitted across the soundhole of an acoustic guitar. These pick-up work by sensing the vibration of the string passing through a magnetic field - so they must be mounted close to the strings. The advantage of a mag p/u is that they are far more feedback resistant than peizo systems and easier to EQ. The disadvantage is that you need to have the space under the strings somewhere to mount them and they pick up less of the instrument's characture. Also most are balanced for nickel strings - and many MD players prefer PB wound strings. A mag p/u with adjustable poles can help you to balance the strings effectively.Have a look at the pick-up section in the Stewart MacDonald catalogue http://www.stewmac.com/ It is worth thinking about what pick-up system you want to use now so you can design it into the instrument. Pick-ups fitted as an afterthought are rarely satisfactory.Robin
Robin Clark
12/04/10 06:17:10PM @robin-clark:
Hi Jimi,I think that a pick-up is the way to go with your bass 6 string. Have you thought about a surface mounted mag pick-up of some sort rather than a peizo system? A mag will be more feedback resistant and more controllable than any peizo. It would not be so "natural" sounding as a good peizo but would be much, much warmer, and as this is a bass MD I guess that's what you are after.
Cliff Cyphers
12/03/10 12:16:35PM @cliff-cyphers:
Hi Jimmy,A standard dulcimer has a diatonic fret board, and a chromatic dulcimer has all of the frets, just like a guitar, and you can play in any key.Cliff
Bill Lewis
11/30/10 12:28:27PM @bill-lewis:
Welcome to FOTMD Jimmy. Grin.gif
Jim Fawcett
11/30/10 12:15:01PM @jim-fawcett:
Hey Jimmy, welcome aboard from a fellow PA'er. Glad ya found us.
Rod Westerfield
11/30/10 11:19:40AM @rod-westerfield:
welcome Jimmy glad ya joined the FOTMD family... 103.gif