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A fiddle tune played on the mountain dulcimer. This comes from fiddler Henry Reed as well as the fiddling of my grandfather, Buck Belt.
Cindy Stammich
05/06/20 09:58:46PM @cindy-stammich:

I loved it!  I don't know the tune - but sure did enjoy listening to you!  Time to broaden my horizons :-)

Dusty Turtle
05/01/20 11:40:09PM @dusty-turtle:

Nice playing, Sean!  If I'm not mistaken there's a little something crooked in that tune.  An extra measure or two somewhere.

05/01/20 11:12:57PM @irene:

that was really FUN....and such a lovely sounding dulcimer.   Baritone?  and I have a son in Texas and brother.  I'd love to send this one to them....I like seeing your face while playing your dulcimer too.   aloha, irene

05/01/20 11:06:10PM @strumelia:

Real nice Sean.
I play this tune on the banjo, it's one of my favorite tunes, I learned it from Dwight Diller.

Gordon Hardy
04/30/20 12:32:50PM @gordon-hardy:

Thanks Sean, I sure like those fiddle tunes!

Steven Berger
04/30/20 10:48:22AM @steven-berger:

Nice rendition, Sean! I play a version of this tune noter/drone style....nowhere near as good as yours.