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Dorwinion (version 1)

Dorwinion (version 1)

style or instrument: Fingerdancing, Cardboard dulcimer Do-Sol-Sol, frame drum

musician/member name: Student of Rhythm

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Short working of "Dorwinion" on my dulcimer and frame drum. It can be stretched out: the simple melodic phrases are meant to be played with in connection to the meter. The wine of Dorwinion brings pleasant dreams, and this tune came to me in a dream. Not sure exactly what notes I had the dulcimer tuned to by now.
08/28/22 05:14:05PM @davisjames:

The drum adds a great touch.The tune really breathes.  

07/30/22 10:13:56AM @strumelia:

I've always liked the combination of drum and dulcimer. They both have an 'old' sound, and compliment the high/low tones of each other.

This is a cool piece. I'm glad you dreamed it up!

Robin Thompson
07/29/22 07:55:26PM @robin-thompson:

I like the hypnotic quality of this, StudentofRhythm.