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Rosa das Rosas

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Duration: 00:02:31
A brief run-through of one of my favorite Cantigas de Santa Maria, Rosa das Rosas. I like to perform this singing with a drum, but I like playing it on the dulcimer too.
01/24/24 08:26:30AM @studentofrhythm:

Thanks, I love the Cantigas too.  And you're right about the extra fret coming in handy.

01/23/24 09:46:47AM @strumelia:

I just love the Cantigas de Sta Maria. Thank you for posting this, it's so evocative. red drummer clapper

I find that when playing medieval/early music, one would think that because it's so drone-based that one would not need any extra frets, and a purely diatonic fretboard would be just the ticket. However, there are so often edgy 'accidental' notes in this type of music, so I am grateful sometimes to have an extra fret or two even in the minor sounding modes.