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Oh Come' Oh Come' Emmanuel

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Oh Come' Oh Come' Emmanuel performed by Theresa Brill and Charlie Wilson, on Dulcimers.
Theresa Brill
01/18/14 08:38:25AM @theresa-brill:

Thanks for your lovely comment Jan! Lovely to meet you on here!

Although I live in London I've visited the Southwestern US many times and have a real love for Southwestern style and design. So when we decided to have custom made dulcimers I knew exactly how I wanted mine to look.

We're working on lots of great tunes at the moment and so will definitely be posting more videos in the not too distant future. We're really happy to part of FOTMD and to meet the lovely, warm hearted and talented people who make this such a great place to be!

Jan Potts
01/18/14 07:25:06AM @jan-potts:

Love both of your Christmas videos, Theresa! Even in the middle of January, they are a peaceful way to begin the day. Why the southwestern decorated dulcimer? It's lovely, but I was wondering if you had a connection to the southwestern US. My parents live in Tucson, Arizona in the desert and it reminds me of their home. Smile.gif

Welcome to FOTMD! It's great that you want to connect to others who love playing the great instrument--which you do VERY well, by the way! Keep making more videos, please!

Theresa Brill
01/06/13 05:38:28PM @theresa-brill:

Thank you W S Eyster - thanks for the listen and lovely comment!

Theresa Brill
01/03/13 04:17:51AM @theresa-brill:

Thanks so much Karen! Happy New Year to you too!

Karen Keane
01/02/13 11:14:14AM @karen-keane:

Beautiful job you guys and a Happy New Year to you!

Theresa Brill
12/31/12 09:47:34AM @theresa-brill:

Many thanks Randy!



Theresa Brill
12/31/12 07:33:23AM @theresa-brill:

Thanks so much Cheryl and Brian!

Best wishes for 2013!


Brian G.
12/30/12 11:26:44PM @brian-g:

I enjoyed this. Thanks for sharing it. :) And best wishes for a happy and healthy new year!

Cheryl James
12/30/12 09:46:21PM @cheryl-james:
Beautiful arrangement! A good reminder that it doesn't have to be complicated to be good. You've captured the spirit and voice of the dulcimer perfectly!
Theresa Brill
12/30/12 06:30:02PM @theresa-brill:

Thanks so much Ethan!

Ethan Chastain
12/30/12 06:26:11PM @ethan-chastain:

Really nice arrangement.Looking forward to hearing more of your music.

Theresa Brill
12/30/12 05:13:28PM @theresa-brill:

Thanks so much for your lovely comments on our video, Helen, Patty and Ken - very much appreciated! Love FOTMD - so many lovely people! Ken, not sure we'll make it to Florida in 2013 but we're hoping to be back at some point soon!

Theresa & Charlie

Patty from Virginia
12/30/12 04:01:17PM @patty-from-virginia:

Beautiful41.gif . Thank you for sharing this with us. I hope you all had a wonderful ChristmasSmile.gif

Ken Hulme
12/30/12 02:52:31PM @ken-hulme:

Welcome you two! Glad you finally decided to join FOTMD. Looking forward to hearing more from you. Are you coming to Florida again in 2013?

Theresa Brill
12/30/12 02:26:25PM @theresa-brill:

Thanks for your lovely comment Shawn!

Theresa Brill
12/30/12 02:23:53PM @theresa-brill:

Thanks John Henry and thanks for your support!

Shawn McCurdy
12/30/12 02:16:45PM @shawn-mccurdy:

Lovely rendition. One of my favorites!

Theresa Brill
12/30/12 02:14:48PM @theresa-brill:

Thank you so much Strumelia! So glad you like it so much. We are big fans of very old harmonies too! Very glad to be part of this great site!

John Henry
12/30/12 02:10:38PM @john-henry:

Hello you two, glad you found your way to us (I am the JH who mentioned this site in your Youtube posting), it sounds just as good here !!! 41.gif 41.gif 41.gif


12/30/12 01:55:33PM @strumelia:

This just blows me away- how beautiful !!

I especially love the fact that you are using very old harmonies so appropriate for this old carol, rather than the more typically heard modern sounding harmonies.

Well done my friends!

...and welcome to what might be the friendliest music site on the planet.