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The Pilot Payroll Blues

musician/member name: Music
Duration: 00:02:18
I got them pilot payroll, pilot payroll blues
Got them pilot payroll, pilot payroll blues
Check that pay summary
I'll bet you've got them too!

Pilots and flight attendants spend a lot of time looking at their monthly pay statements. The system can be complicated, and small errors happen all the time. This one certainly took the cake, though, and is the only one that inspired me to write a song. In fairness, my boss was apologetic, and the company promptly sent a real check via FedEx.

I recorded inside the base of the Vulcan statue in Birmingham, Alabama earlier today. There are no audio effects, just reverb from stone and steel.
Tom McDonald
02/19/16 11:37:57AM @tom-mcdonald:

Thanks Bill, Helen and Robin! I'm working on one about email, key of G.

Robin Thompson
02/12/16 10:01:30AM @robin-thompson:

Tom, I'm particularly fond of the stairwell series!  Nice blues. 

Bill S
02/10/16 11:13:16PM @bill-s:

Love the blues, Tom.  Great playing.