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Angel Band

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Dean Vamvas and Friends @Northern Kentucky Unplugged, May 26,1016. Played in the key of A. The dulcimer is tuned DAd, and the harmonica fills are straight harp in A. (I could have played 2nd position on a D, but that blues style wouldn't suit the rest). Guitars are in two voices. Dean Vamvas (also a member of this site) seated, is playing G chord forms with a capo on the second fret. John playing in the same guitar tuning, but in A without the capo.
Robert L. Porter, Jr.
06/02/16 09:03:30PM @robert-l-porter-jr:

a good sound guys, harmony was good.

Helen Seiler
05/30/16 05:06:56PM @helen-seiler:

You guys are still sounding great... lovely arrangement and harmonies.

Noah Aikens
05/29/16 08:43:35PM @noah-aikens:

My bluegrass band recently performed this.

Terry Wilson
05/29/16 11:59:18AM @terry-wilson:


I loved listening to your harmonica part.  Just wish it were a tad louder.I don't know of any instrument that adds more color, than a harmonica. 

Tom McDonald
05/29/16 11:01:55AM @tom-mcdonald:

Thanks! The other guys give me grief about my three-note vocal range. The harmonies are really nice, but my main contribution is playing dulcimer instead of harmonica on the chorus so as not to mess them up.

Bill S
05/29/16 08:16:31AM @bill-s:

You guys work good together.  Enjoyed listening.


Terry Wilson
05/28/16 09:19:39PM @terry-wilson:

Wonderful.  Great to sing along.