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Cripple Creek

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12/22/14 09:44:36PM @tumbleweed:

WOW!!! thank you everyone for the kind comments. I was a little fraid to post a video but glad I did. What a great bunch of folks. Thank you Thank you Thank you.

12/22/14 05:59:30PM @bobby-maxspop-bingham:

Wow! Tumbleweed! You've got it tumbling (not fumbling!)right along already with the chords!Wish I cudda done that well--on second thought, wish I do that well now! Keep'em coming.

James Phillips
12/22/14 10:19:52AM @james-phillips:

I have never learnt this but seeing this makes me want to try to give it a go. Great first effort! J.O.P.

Helen Seiler
12/21/14 03:29:43PM @helen-seiler:
Well done Tumbleweed....I didn't learn this tune until I was about a year into playing. You r handling it nicely. I look forward to more.
Patty from Virginia
12/21/14 02:11:39PM @patty-from-virginia:

Terrific!!! I have to learn this song. Thanks for sharingSmile.gif

Gary McNaughton
12/21/14 02:09:44PM @gary-mcnaughton:
Very nice! :-)
Ken Longfield
12/21/14 02:06:06PM @ken-longfield:

You did a fine job with this tune. I really liked your strumming. Thanks for sharing this.


"The dulcimer sings a sweet song."

Ken Backer
12/21/14 01:39:27PM @ken-backer:

Very good rendition of that old classic, Tumbleweed. For a first video that was greatGrin.gif

Cynthia Wigington
12/21/14 12:43:33PM @cynthia-wigington:

Quality is fine - wow chording and all. I have trouble with that.

Cindy Stammich
12/20/14 12:55:05PM @cindy-stammich:
Hi Tumbleweed!Well I am happy that your technical difficulties have been resolved!!!Second - I am excited to be the first person to leave a comment on your first video!You are doing great....and NEVER apologize for anything....We are excited to have you here and excited to have your contributions to our wonderful place here!!!Thanks for sharing and looking forward to many more!!!Keep strumming and smiling!Cindy